The CAbi Business Model

Simple, Balanced, & Real.

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Simple, Balanced, & Real.

Longing to put first things first in your life? CAbi knows that flexibility is paramount and offers you freedom (and fun!) through fashion … and great financial rewards!

Watch to learn the nuts and bolts of a CAbi Career through this Business Model Video. Becoming an entrepreneur through CAbi enables you to get all the benefits of being your own boss without the traditional risks and costs of owning your own business. Your initial investment in your Seasonal Inventory is recouped when you sell it at the end of the season for a profit, making a CAbi career a no-risk proposition.


  • Wear the Clothes – Your eye-catching advertising tool
  • Do the Shows – A fun-filled time with friends
  • Propose – An easy way to build your business as you share the excitement of CAbi with others
"CAbi's business model and support really make building a successful career simple."
Stephanie, Consultant from TX STEPHANIE, CONSULTANT FROM TX


  • Control your own calendar – you’re the boss!
  • Your business is ready to launch with...
    • Free online marketing tools
    • Free online administrative system
    • Free training event twice a year* and in-season training
  • Fits into many lifestyles – 80% Consultant retention!
"CAbi provides balance for me by giving me the flexibility to work at my own pace alongside my other priorities."
Kathy, Consultant from GA KATHY, CONSULTANT FROM GA


  • Three profit avenues: sales commissions, team commissions, and selling Seasonal Inventory
  • 8 to 10 times higher sales than the industry average
  • Up to 33% commission on your sales **
  • Up to 8% on your team’s sales **
  • Your Seasonal Inventory is an added revenue source at the end of the season
"When I see the financial results each month, this business is made very real for me and my family!"
Kristin, Consultant from GA KRISTIN, CONSULTANT FROM GA

Commission Structure

Increase your income by building a team!

**If you sell at least $2,500 a month (Beyond a Consultant’s second season, this monthly sales requirement increases to $3,500), you receive an additional 5% (total 25%) commission on every item you sell. If you and your first level team members sell $24,000 in a month, you will receive an additional 8% (total 33%) commission on every item you sell.

Commission Structure

  Monthly Minimums Met* Team Builder Bonus**
You 25% Total (Additional 5%) 33% Total (Additional 8%)
Level 1 Team Members 3% 8% Total (Additional 5%)
Level 2 Team Members 5% Total 5% Total
Level 3 Team Members 3% Total 3% Total
Level 4 Team Members 2% Total 2% Total

Earning Potential

  Monthly Minimums Met* Annual Earnings
You 25% Total (Additional 5%) $21,043
Level 1 Team Members 3 Members $14,000
Level 2 Team Members 9 Members $27,000
Level 3 Team Members 27 Members $48,600
Level 4 Team Members 81 Members $97,200
  • Total:
  • $207,843

* You’ll love coming to The Scoop—our 2-3 day fashion and training extravaganza that takes place every January and July.

** Base commission on sales is 20%, and 25% when monthly minimums are met ($2,500 for first and second season, $3,500 for third season+). When you and your team (or just you!) sell $24,000 in a month, you earn 33%. You can earn 2-8% on your team members’ sales. See the Commission Structure document for more information.

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