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CAbi Spring Favorites from our Fans

July 8, 2014

Before this season comes to an end, and before we pack our bags for The Scoop in a few weeks, we asked our loyal CAbi Girls and Facebook fans what some of their absolute favorite, must-have CAbi Spring pieces were. Considering this season had the top-selling item in CAbi’s history, we know choosing one go-to piece was not easy. Scroll down and see what piece, or pieces, some of you loved this season.

break out jacket“I absolutely love my St. Barth’s Clutch, Clover Camo Jegging, and my Needle Lace Shell! CAbi obsessed! Spring has been wonderful and so looking forward to #BeautiFall!”

break out jacket“I love the Mum Cami; I wear it every week because it makes me feel sexy and pretty, and it’s so comfortable at the same time.”

break out jacket“Love the St. Barth’s dresses! Had my maternity photos done in all CAbi!”

break out jacketThe City Blazer and my Deconstructed Brett Jeans. I LOVE the Brett and wear them all the time! They are a must–have … love them!”

break out jacket“Here I am wearing the Everly Blazer – all dressed up for a CAbi party!”

break out jacket“I cannot live without my Patio Romper!  I want to wear it day and night.”

break out jacket“I’ve recently discovered this wonderful line of clothing a few months ago. The Twisted Tank Maxi is always my “go-to” choice! I love it. I pair it with the Norma Jean Jacket when the evening gets cooler. Thanks for making such amazing clothes!”

break out jacket“I LOVE my CAbi Short Reversible Skirt this season. It is so versatile. Here is a photo of my two best friends and I at a BBQ I held at my house. My friend Megan is in her Knit Tiered Cami only four weeks after having a baby, and my friend Emily is wearing her Navy Maritime Maxi from the Spring ’13 Collection. I am wearing my Eliza Blouse from Spring ’12 with my Short Reversible Skirt. It is perfect for all summer long! We love our CAbi clothes!”

break out jacket“The Rose Garden Jacket looked stunning under the Eiffel Tower, and continues to be a “go-to show stopper!””

break out jacket“I used this picture in my recent election photo … love the Needle Lace Shell.”

Let us know in the comments below which of these pieces are already hanging in your closet ready to transition into your fall wardrobe.