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introducing serene: the new arrivals collection we can’t wait to wear!

September 10, 2018

A cozier, more comfortable, and more connected fall. That’s what we were aiming for when we set about designing this new Collection. And yet the fact remains: this season, more than any other, is one ambitious fashion where style statements are made. Striking a balance between these two poles, comfortable and chic, was no easy feat, but all bias aside, the Design Team absolutely nailed it!

Our Serene New Arrivals are just that: a peaceful pause on the hustle and bustle of fall that still contains all the fresh, forward-thinking appeal we’ve come to expect from the season. Three new trends—Winter Greens, Folk Luxe and Cloudy Day—come together to create a vibrant yet grounded take on cozy chic, pairing back perfectly to the rest of the Fall 2018 Collection. From soft jackets with tough moto details, to oversized cardigans, statement jackets, and enough billowing blouses to make dressing for work an event you’ll look forward to. So sit back, embrace the chilled-out vibes of the new Collection, and hit play on our New Arrivals video for a peek at what’s to come.

Featured Items: Slip Stitch Sweater, V-Neck Cami (buff), Zip-Back Legging, Tribute Necklace

Featured Items: Sport Topper, V-Neck Cami (cloud), Skinny Cord, Dandy Boot, Leopard Scarf

Featured Items: Snap Sleeve Sweatshirt, Cuddle Scarf, M’Leggings, Tribute Necklace

Featured Items: Uptown Sweater Dress, Landmark Locket

With summer winding to a close, you might find yourself in that precarious position of giving up your spring faves. News flash: don’t! There are so many ways to pair our past Collections back to fall that are just waiting to be discovered. The best way to find them? Share your thoughts. Leave some tips in the comments below for how you’ll be wearing your favorite spring pieces with these Serene New Arrivals and borrow ideas from the rest of the cabi community. After all, getting styled is better together.