Receive a 25% to 33% commission on items you sell.

the cabi
  • Think about how many shows you’d like to do a month.
  • Envision your friends as Stylists and add them to your team.
  • Play with the numbers and dream of what you can achieve with cabi!
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team sales

Receive commission based on items your team sells.

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Your initial investment for your Seasonal Inventory is $2,570 (USD) with shipping, plus applicable sales tax. At the end of every season, if you sell 70% of your Seasonal Inventory at 50% off, you'll earn $3,000+ (USD).

Nicki Davis

When I started as a Stylist, I set a goal of earning enough through my cabi business to quit my banking job. I fully transitioned to doing cabi full-time this year, and it is so fulfilling to do something I love and be present with my family.

Nicki Davis Forney, TX
Brenda Grucza

Cabi brought me so much joy that I became a cabi Stylist in order to share that joy with others…but it’s grown into something much bigger. I watch women light up as our relationships deepen, and I know I’m making a difference in their lives.

Brenda Grucza Phoenix, AZ
Joy Libby

Cabi offered me many of the things I truly value: friendship, female empowerment, and positivity. My cabi business has allowed me to stay home with my two kids while giving me purpose and balance, and has provided countless life-affirming relationships.

Joy Libby Germantown, MD
Michelle Ponte

What I love about cabi is that there are no limits! My career continues to excite me every day. Whether it’s a team member of mine or a client I serve, I love seeing new confidence form in women.

Michelle Ponte Oldsmar, MD

As a company founded by women, for women, we put freedom and flexibility at the heart of our Career Opportunity. You'll love having your own business—as boss, you get to call all the shots!