The Fashion

  • DISCOUNTED SEASONAL INVENTORY is yours, far below retail value.
  • A Substantial Clothing Discount, which grows through sales over time, will have you always looking the part of a fashion Stylist.

Home Office Support

  • RECEIVE PERSONALIZED SUPPORT through a Home Office Team who is available and eager to help your business run smoothly.

Free Training

  • THE SCOOP is our seasonal launch event that reveals the new Collection through a stunningly beautiful fashion show and includes inspiration, collaboration, recognition, and education to fully equip you to be successful. While you arrange your travel and hotel, cabi covers all the rest as our investment in you!
  • WE STAY ALONGSIDE YOU ALL SEASON through weekly training communications and opportunities to enable you to keep building a business for yourself that just gets better and better.

Marketing Tools

  • THE FREE STARTER KIT includes a cabi curtain, garment dividers, rack, order forms, Invitations and envelopes, and Invitation Inserts.

Personalized Website

  • Cabi HOSTS YOUR VERY OWN WEBSITE featuring your name and photo. Updated every season, your clients can come here to see the Collection, learn about the latest styling tips, and discover more about the cabi career opportunity.

Hostess Incentives

  • GENEROUS DISCOUNTS for Hostesses further boost the appeal of having one’s very own Fashion Experience—season after season.

Leadership Development

  • GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES abound as all cabi Stylists can become leaders and receive training to build their skills of communication, influence, and help others achieve the success they’re after.


  • MANY REWARDS, AWARDS, AND PROGRAMS are provided to help you build the business you’re after, celebrating many milestones along the way with beautiful jewelry and Gift Cards to reinvest in your business.

Additional Perks

  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS are offered to cabi Stylists to help them keep more money in their pockets, including discounts on office supplies, prescriptions, and cell phone service.

As a company founded by women, for women, we put freedom and flexibility at the heart of our Career Opportunity. You'll love having your own business—as boss, you get to call all the shots!