3 reasons women love
the cabi Fashion Experience:

it's fun!
Enjoy a little girl time while a trained Stylist presents an unedited designer Collection to you and your friends in the comfort of your home.
it's personalized!
Get personalized style tips to mix and match cabi’s designer Collection to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Plus, every cabi Stylist is a trained fit expert!
perks, of course!
Get designer clothes at 50% off (and more!), and say goodbye to the stress and frustration of shopping at traditional stores.
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I wear cabi every day to work and get so many compliments. I actually don’t think I’ve stepped foot inside a mall in 5 years. No need—my closet is full of cabi!

Megan, Children’s Minister & 7-year cabi client
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With cabi, I get ready for work in minutes and always feel comfortable, unique, and put-together.

Victoria, Business Owner, Nurse, Entrepreneur & mother of 3
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I work all over the world and need to put together different outfits each week. That’s why I love shopping cabi—everything is interchangeable!

Terri, VP & long-time cabi client
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I love that my Stylist takes the time to get acquainted with her clients and our personal style, which allows her to make well-informed recommendations. She’s a huge part of what makes my cabi experience so enjoyable!

Traci, HR Professional, mom & 9-year cabi client
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My Stylist is amazing. Not only does she bring the store to us, but she’s super knowledgeable about the latest trends, how to pair things together, and what would look good on me. My favorite cabi pieces are ones I never would have picked, but my Stylist recommended.

Kim, VP, Hostess & mom of 3
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I love cabi because it changes the entire shopping experience. Brick and mortar shops are cold and impersonal, but cabi brings shopping to me. My Stylist knows fashion, but most importantly, my lifestyle. Since finding cabi, there hasn’t been a season without cabi in my closet!

Adiat, Sales Professional, Fashion enthusiast & cabi client
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For many years, I wandered aimlessly through shopping malls, wishing I had a personal stylist. Then I was invited to a cabi Fashion Experience and realized dreams do come true.

Cheryl, Volunteer, book lover & mom of 1
The Cabi fashion experience

cabi Hostesses get 50% off

Just our way of saying thank you for sharing the cabi Fashion Experience with your friends!

For every $250 (£200) over $1,000 (£800) sold, you’ll receive another item at 50% off...

For every $500 (£400) spent, you’ll receive $15 (£12) cabi credits... and as they add up, you can get items for free!

Have a friend who would like to host her first cabi Fashion Experience? Refer your friend and you can also earn one 50% off item (and she’ll get the 50% off item on top of her other Hostess Benefits, too!).

show sales items at 50% off cabi credits
$250/£200 1 N/A
$500/£400 2 $15/£12
$750/£600 3
$1,000/£800 5 $30/£24
$1,250 /£1,000 6
$1,500/£1,200 7 $45/£36
$1,750/£1,400 8
$2,000/£1,600 9 $60/£48
$2,250/£1,800 10

Ready for your Fashion Experience?

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Is a Fashion Experience for me? +

If you love to learn about the latest styles, would love some help discovering your personal style, or need time with girlfriends amidst the busyness of life, then you’ll love the cabi Fashion Experience. And when you’re the one gathering your friends, you can earn 50% off (and more with cabi credits) to help you add high-quality pieces you’ll love to your wardrobe at a significant discount.

What are the benefits of gathering girlfriends for a Fashion Experience? +

When you and a Stylist come together to share the latest fashions with your friends, you’ll receive 50% off each item of your choosing for every $250 (£200) in sales. Additionally, for every $500 (£400) spent at your Fashion Experience, you’ll earn $15 (£12) in cabi credits applied toward your Hostess order. To earn these credits and discounts, you’ll need to have at least two guest orders in addition to your Hostess order.

And if a guest decides to have her very own Fashion Experience for the first time during yours, you’ll earn an additional half-priced item at the time of your guest’s Fashion Experience.

How do I host a Fashion Experience? +

Hosting a Fashion Experience is as easy as getting in touch with your cabi Stylist about available dates and gathering a few girlfriends to enjoy the latest fashions and styling tips. Get connected with a cabi Stylist by clicking here.

There’s no limit to how many Fashion Experiences you have in a season—often, we have women who will gather together multiple times as new products are released.

How can I get the word out about my Fashion Experience? +

Once you and your Stylist have set the date, we recommend sending Save the Dates to friends, followed by our beautiful printed Invitations with a glimpse of the Collection. There’s something so special about getting real mail in this online world.

Not into snail mail? We’ve got you covered with our digital cabi-vites.

And for the socially savvy, you can share the news on your social networks or create a private Facebook event. No e-vites, please!

Is there anything I can do to make sure my Fashion Experience is well-attended? +

Fashion Experiences are worthwhile no matter the size, but here are a few helpful tips we’ve learned:

  • Before you and your Stylist set the date, reach out to a few key friends you know will love it and make sure the date and time work for them.
  • Pick up the phone—women are busy and often need a reminder.
  • Suggest a few cabi items you know would look great on a friend (use our cabi Tap app for outfit inspo!).
  • Connect with your Stylist—she’s full of great advice for Fashion Experience success.

Not all my friends are able to attend; can they shop online? +

Yes, absolutely! Your Stylist can help you send out a shoppable link that will allow women to browse the Collection and add orders to your Fashion Experience. They can also shop online all season long on our closet styling app, cabi Tap, or through your Stylist’s personal website.

Is my Stylist able to participate in my special event? Can I have another vendor at the Fashion Experience? +

If you have an upcoming event you’d like your cabi Stylist to participate in, connect with her and she’ll determine whether it’s an event she can take part in. Our Stylists may not participate in any event where other products are being sold.

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