Personal Income Factors Q? Calculations are based on a Veteran Stylist’s average show Commissionable Volume (CV) of $1,800 U.S./Canada [£1,200 U.K.] and monthly minimums being met to earn 25% personal sales commissions. When you and your first level team members sell $24k in Group Qualifying Volume (GQV) in a month, you earn an 8% Team Builder Bonus in addition to your 25% Personal sales Commission for a total of 33% paid on your CV.

If you do shows, you would work approximately hours per week.

Team Income Factors Q? You will earn a team sales commission on your team’s monthly sales when you and your team members each reach monthly sales minimums of 800 PQV per month for First Season Freshmen, 2,500 PQV per month for Second Season Freshmen and 3,500 PQV per month for Season’s 3+ Stylists. Once eligible, you will earn the following monthly team sales commission on the Commissionable Volume (CV) of your levels 1-4 Stylists—3% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 3% on level 3, and 2% on level 4.

When you and your first-level team members collectively sell 24,000 in Group Qualifying Volume (GQV) in one month, you earn an additional 5% in team sales commissions on your first-level team members’ sales for a total of 8% paid on their CV.

Auto ON / OFF Q? Turn on auto-calculate to modify only the number of 1st level team members. The remaining levels will auto-populate with the assumption that each team member brings on two of her own team members. Turn off auto-calculate to manually enter the number of team members per level.