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From the time she was a little girl, Carol Anderson loved fashion. This took her from Omaha to Los Angeles, where she was able to pursue her dream of being a designer. After working for a design firm, Carol teamed up with a good friend, Jan Janura, who believed in her designs and took them to Nordstrom, where she became a beloved brand. She quickly garnered a loyal following in other department stores and boutiques across America. As their business grew, their love did as well, and they became husband and wife.

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Carol in her studio: CAbi first began in the year 1977.

The retail world began to change, and Carol felt a lack of creative freedom as stores expected a certain look from her label. Once again, Jan’s belief in Carol’s talents led him to a revolutionary idea, wondering if they could bring her beautiful designs directly to the consumer.

In 2001, Jan and Carol were having dinner with their friend, Kimberly Inskeep, who had been with a management firm on the East Coast. Their conversation sparked the idea of testing the concept of sharing the clothes with women in a home surrounded by friends, rather than in a traditional retail environment. Carol and Kimberly asked ten of their dear friends, who they knew would be passionate about this idea, to join them as Founders. This was the beginning of CAbi, Carol Anderson by invitation.

Founders of CAbi, Carol Anderson by Invitation CAbi's Co-Founders: Linda Nelson, Anne Hunter, Maryjo Valder, Cynthia Mertensmeyer, Suzanne Eisenbrand, Susie Anderson, Karen Kohlan, Kim Carpenter, Syd Ryan, and Janet Hankinson

These 12 friends sought to create something truly different—something that would resonate deeply in the hearts of women and be relevant to the needs of their lives. They built an opportunity for women that not only centered on the fun of fashion, but that served as a real career—one where women could build a substantial business and call their own shots, all while experiencing the fulfillment of affecting women’s lives through relationships built along the way.

As a result, women across the country have fallen in love with The CAbi Experience. The CAbi Team expanded way beyond the executives and Founders, to a dedicated Home Office Team and nearly 3,500 passionate Consultants who have helped CAbi grow into the largest social selling clothing company in the United States.

CAbi Team, Kimberly Inskeep & Lynne Coté Kimberly & Lynne

In 2012, CAbi began a new adventure of growth and momentum, fueled by two investment firms, J.H. Whitney and Irving Place Capital, and in 2013, they welcomed a visionary leader and highly experienced apparel executive, Lynne Coté, as their CEO. As CAbi plans for the future, it is abundantly clear that CAbi’s growth opportunities are just beginning. CAbi is poised to make a real difference in the lives of women around the world, enabling them to fall in love with the esteemed CAbi Experience—an experience marked by collaboration rather than competition, transformation rather than transaction, and serving rather than selling.


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