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$64M USD in
clothing and


315 Stylist
served through
local giving events


18,650 small
business loans
funded for women
in developing


18,150 students in
Rwanda provided with hope and
opportunity through


62 countries

The Heart of cabi Foundation works to empower women through
Restoration, Vocation, and Education.

Dignity is restored through the gift of beautiful new clothes amidst challenging times.

Small business loans to women entrepreneurs in the developing world fling vocational doors wide open.

Education loans for children in Rwanda put them and their families on new trajectories.

Join us in the efforts to eradicate poverty, woman by woman.

3 ways you can make a difference now:




Rosy Top

You can impact the lives of women in need, and look great while doing it, when you purchase the Rosy Top. A portion of the net proceeds from the sale of the Rosy Top will help fund The Heart of cabi Foundation’s efforts in our local communities.

Love you tee



For every new cabi Stylist, cabi will fund a small business loan in her name for a woman entrepreneur in a developing country. This is the first-ever, one-for-one small business loan and mentorship program in partnership with Opportunity International.

Build your business and empower
another woman to build hers.

A cabi stylist begins her business.
cabi will fund a small business loan for a sister entrepreneur in a developing country.
The sister entrepreneur is able to build her business.
a cabi Stylist begins her business
cabi will fund a small business loan for a Sister Entrepreneur in a developing country
The Sister Entrepreneur is able to build her business

For a woman who finds herself in vulnerable life circumstances, unsure of her next move, one outstretched hand has the power to change her life. It could be a simple act of kindness amidst hardship that emboldens her to take a courageous step forward. It may be an open door to an opportunity to build something of her own. Or it might be a way for her children to go to a good school, realizing new aspirations. Small acts of love can change the world. While that may sound like a grandiose, feel-good phrase, “the butterfly effect of kindness” is a powerful force. When one woman helps another, there’s a natural tendency to pay kindness forward. It’s as though when we shoulder another’s burdens, we also free them up to do the same for others.

The Heart of cabi Foundation seeks to empower women and ease their burdens through Restoration, Vocation, and Education. Not only that, we seek to use those methods to contribute to a much bigger goal: the eradication of global poverty. Just a few short years ago, this goal was projected to be attainable in our lifetimes, but was set back considerably due to COVID-19. Now is the time to commit like never before to lifting burdens wherever we can.


For women who have lost all of their belongings due to a natural disaster, who are struggling to escape human trafficking or an abusive home, who are seeking to find a job after experiencing homelessness, or who are hoping to find any brightness amidst severe illness, the gift of clothing can restore dignity and the way they see themselves. And that enables courageous steps forward. Our Heart of cabi Foundation events in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. provide new clothing to women in a range of vulnerable life circumstances, all receiving the help, styling support, and warmth of a cabi Stylist.

Clothing recipients share their experiences:

From a mother of six who lost her business due to COVID-19:
“It was the best day of the year!”

From a domestic abuse survivor:
“I had to forfeit everything I owned to leave. I feel so blessed now!”

From a two-time cancer survivor:
“I’m going to get in my car and cry tears of joy.”


For women in the developing world, the poverty that surrounds them can feel insurmountable— unless they have a door to opportunity. For every new cabi Stylist who begins her business, The Heart of cabi Foundation provides a small business loan through Opportunity International for a woman in the developing world to begin hers. From India to Colombia to the Philippines and beyond, women around the world inspire us through how their entrepreneurial spirits have not only built businesses that change their families’ trajectories, but also their communities as they employ local women.

Elsa spent her childhood in Colombia running from armed bandits and guerrilla warfare. She dreamed of one thing: to one day feel safe in her home.

In Girasoles, outside of Cartagena, she attempted to create a family home amidst a community that lacked electricity and a healthy water system. When her partner left her to raise five children alone, she had no idea how she would provide for them.

The women of Girasoles had a vision to create a better town together, helping one another out of poverty. Elsa joined an Opportunity International Trust Group to learn skills and receive a small business loan, which she used to fund a food business. Her success and subsequent loans enabled her to also sell appliances and eventually own a convenience store. The day she was able to pay for a small concrete house for her and her children was the day her life-long dream was realized.

Today, Elsa is focused on helping build a community center for children to gather and learn, providing childhoods far better than her own...for generations to come.


Through several trips to Rwanda to meet with Sister Entrepreneurs, a common theme emerged: for women building businesses, their top priority was their children’s education, as this is their best pathway to a better life. We provide funds that support education in two ways: 1) school improvement loans to upgrade resources, infrastructure, and staffing and 2) school fee loans so parents can afford good schools as they build their businesses.

In a remote neighborhood in Rwanda, many children spent their days wandering the community, as the closest school was too far. Veneranda didn’t know anything about building a school, but she saw a need and was determined to fill it. She created Gitarama Academy with 20 students, which quickly grew to many more. She used a loan from Opportunity International to expand her building to fit more students and install safe drinking water.

Through cabi’s investments, Veneranda has been able to greatly improve the quality of the education, equipping teachers and students alike with the skills they need to thrive.

While many schools in impoverished areas had to close altogether during the pandemic, Gitarama was able to reopen, just as soon as the government allowed, and keep everyone healthy through strong financial stewardship, thanks to cabi’s support through Opportunity International.

* The school name has been changed for the protection of children.




When placing a cabi order, you can opt to round your order total up to the nearest dollar or pound.


The change you give provides hope and opportunity to children in Rwanda through Opportunity International by contributing to their education and futures.

Together, we are affecting lives around the world.

As a company, we endeavor to do well in order to do good, sending a ripple of generosity out into the world that reaches around the globe. Donations to The Heart of cabi Foundation help restore dignity and hope to women seeking a way out of the cycle of poverty—they essentially provide an open door, leading to a whole new life of freedom.


Heart of cabi Foundation Week event in Bristol, England

Heart of cabi Foundation Week event in Franklin, Tennessee

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Heart of cabi Foundation fire relief event in Boulder, Colorado

Heart of cabi Foundation Week event in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Heart of cabi Foundation Week event in Houston, Texas

Heart of cabi Foundation Week event in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Heart of cabi Foundation Week event in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our Partners

Our efforts are multiplied because we partner with exceptional nonprofit organizations who share our mission of impacting the lives of women. Through them, we can do more!