$60M USD in
clothing and


219 Stylist
served through
local giving events


17,500 small
business loans
funded for women
in developing


8,800 students in
Rwanda provided with hope and
opportunity through


62 countries

3 ways you can make a difference now:

For every new cabi Stylist, cabi will fund a small business loan in her name for a woman entrepreneur in a developing country.

The first-ever, one-for-one small business loan and mentorship program in partnership with Opportunity International.

Build your business and empower
another woman to build hers.

a cabi Stylist begins her business
cabi will fund a small business loan for a Sister Entrepreneur in a developing country
the Sister Entrepreneur is able to build her business
a cabi Stylist begins her business
cabi will fund a small business loan for a Sister Entrepreneur in a developing country
The Sister Entrepreneur is able to build her business

around the globe

Global poverty has persisted for centuries, but there’s growing hope. Many global economists believe it could be eradicated by 2030—if people like us bond together.

Since 1990, those living in extreme global poverty has reduced from 37% to about 10%. Small actions among many people make a huge difference, enough to put an end to it.

“When we created cabi,” said cabi’s Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer Syd Ryan, “we believed one day we’d affect the lives of women in need around the world. It’s fulfilling to look back at a 15-year history of our community making a significant difference together through The Heart of cabi Foundation…and exciting to think of all we’ll do in the future, as we see this business as a way to bring global good.”

Beyond domestic clothing donation, The Heart of cabi Foundation reaches around the world through a partnership with Opportunity International, joining their established efforts in two ways:

we are cabi

Through our W.E. are cabi Program (“Women Entrepreneurs are cabi”), a one-for-one program that provides a small business loan for a woman in the developing world for every new cabi Stylist who begins her business.

make a change

Through our Make a Change Program, where clients round up their order to the nearest dollar or pound, funding school fee and education improvement loans in Rwanda.

As each cabi Stylist builds her business, she provides a living legacy for another woman in the developing world to take hold of her future as well. And in the same way our cabi community supports one another, our Sister Entrepreneurs join together in a Trust Group for training and support. As they succeed, they employ people in their communities, and as they repay their loans, new loans are lent in an ongoing cycle of opportunity.

“Opportunity International’s relational model is much like ours,” said cabi’s Co-Founder and CEO Kimberly Inskeep. “We’ve seen what happens when a group is committed to one another, swapping ideas and having one another’s backs. Everyone achieves more."

The cabi Executive Team has hosted trips to Rwanda for our Stylists and subsequently saw an opportunity to help further. “As we spent time with women in Rwanda,” reflects Kimberly, “we learned a significant portion of their earnings went first to their children’s education. We could relate—as mothers, our first instinct is to provide for our kids.”:

The natural next step for cabi was to add a layer of support where it would be felt most—education. Many Rwandan schools are underfunded and understaffed, so the funds from our Make a Change Program help in two ways: (1) they enable parents to enroll their child in a solid private school through school fee loans, and (2) they pour into schools through school improvement loans—elevating curriculum, physical infrastructure, staff, and the volume of students they serve.

“When women receive loans to send their kids to quality schools, they’re investing in the future,” said cabi’s Director of The Heart of cabi Foundation Amy Taylor. “This better positions them to build sustainable businesses that lift their families out of poverty in the present. Supporting women and education has generational impact.”

More than half of those living in extreme poverty live in Sub-Saharan Africa, and according to the UN, poverty affects children disproportionately, particularly girls. Boys are 1.55 times more likely than girls to complete secondary school; when money is tight, families are more likely to pull back on girls’ education—but investing in girls has huge benefits: for every year in school, a girl’s life expectancy goes up, her chances of being a victim of child marriage, teen pregnancy, or contracting diseases like HIV goes down significantly, and her future earnings go up by 20%. When 10% more girls go to secondary school, the country’s economy grows by 3%. When women have the skills to participate in public life, government corruption declines. While our program supports boys and girls equally, we are especially aware of how today’s girls will become powerful community leaders in the future.

CEO of Opportunity International Atul Tandon said, “Cabi is sparking transformation at the bottom of the economic pyramid. I’m forever grateful for cabi’s partnership, support, and encouragement. This work—this future without poverty—is only possible when we all commit to walking this journey together.”

Join us in taking action against global poverty in three ways: begin a cabi business and be paired with a Sister Entrepreneur, round up your cabi purchase through our Make a Change Program and support students in Rwanda, and purchase the Cheerful Blouse to help provide clothing to women in our local communities impacted by natural disasters or in the midst of a vulnerable life change

To date, The Heart of cabi Foundation has funded 17,150 small business loans around the world, and since the Make a Change Program began supporting education in Rwanda in Fall 2019, we’ve impacted 5,550 students.

Simple, small actions among all of us can—and will—change the world.

how it works

When placing a cabi order, you can opt to round your order total up to the nearest dollar or pound.


The change you give provides hope and opportunity to children in Rwanda through Opportunity International by contributing to their education and futures.


Heart of cabi item

Replay Top

You can impact the lives of women in need, and look great while doing it, when you purchase the Replay Top. A portion of the net proceeds from the sale of the Replay Top will help fund The Heart of cabi Foundation’s efforts in our local communities.


Together, we are affecting lives around the world.

As a company, we endeavor to do well in order to do good, sending a ripple of generosity out into the world that reaches around the globe. Donations to The Heart of cabi Foundation help restore dignity and hope to women seeking a way out of the cycle of poverty—they essentially provide an open door, leading to a whole new life of freedom.


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Our Partners

Our efforts are multiplied because we partner with exceptional nonprofit organizations who share our mission of impacting the lives of women. Through them, we can do more!