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The Cabi fashion experience

The show is a full Fashion Experience…my Stylist gives us the colors, shoes, trends, top items for the season, and styling tips I couldn’t get anywhere else!

Mariam Ballard - Richardson, TX

My friends really love the cabi Fashion Experience and look forward to it each season…and we add a few new friends each time. I love how easy it is to shop and get personal recommendations from my Stylist. For me, there’s no going back to shopping any other way!

Julie Etzel - Atlanta, GA

What I love about hosting is that I get styling ideas, I get to experiment in new ways, and my Stylist helps me build my wardrobe by making good shopping decisions. My mom and I both shop cabi and we always find classic pieces we both love!

Shina Wysocki - Olympia, WA

The cabi Fashion Experience is such an easy way to have fun, shop, and be with my girlfriends. I love experiencing the excitement of first-time cabi guests and watch them fall in love with the experience!

Kim Parker - Olympia, WA

The cabi Fashion Experience is different, it’s personal, it’s well-done. It becomes a bunch of ladies supporting each other and having fun at the same time.

Kenya Rodgers - Dallas, TX

cabi Hostesses get 50% off

Just our way of saying thank you for sharing the cabi Fashion Experience with your friends!

For every $250 (£200) over $1,000 (£800) sold, you’ll receive another item at 50% off...

For every $500 (£400) spent, you’ll receive $15 (£12) cabi credits... and as they add up, you can get items for free!

Have a friend who would like to host her first cabi Fashion Experience? Refer your friend and you can also earn one 50% off item (and she’ll get the 50% off item on top of her other Hostess Benefits, too!).

show sales items at 50% off cabi credits
$250/£200 1 N/A
$500/£400 2 $15/£12
$750/£600 3
$1,000/£800 5 $30/£24
$1,250 /£1,000 6
$1,500/£1,200 7 $45/£36
$1,750/£1,400 8
$2,000/£1,600 9 $60/£48
$2,250/£1,800 10

Book a Fashion Experience and immediately receive one item in our Jewelry Collection at 50% OFF!

Ready for your Fashion Experience?

connect with a stylist for a fashion experience
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How do I host a show? +

Hosting a Fashion Experience is easy! Just contact your cabi Stylist. If you don’t have one, fill out the form above to be connected with one and to let her know you’re interested in hosting a cabi Fashion Experience. She'll respond with her available dates and voilà! Your Fashion Experience will be booked!

Why should I host? +

When you host a cabi Fashion Experience, your friends and your favorite boutique come to you! You can earn 50% off (and more with cabi credits) to help you get a high quality wardrobe at an amazing discount.

What happens after I book my show? +

Once your Fashion Experience is booked, it’s time to send your Save the Dates to friends and start spreading the word about your upcoming cabi Fashion Experience. Closer to the date, you can send beautiful paper Invitations provided by your cabi Stylist, which will give your guests a preview of the fabulous clothes they’ll soon be trying on. Or, you can opt for cabi-vites—convenient email invitations. Next thing you’ll know, it’ll be the day of your Fashion Experience…time to mingle with friends and have fun with the cabi Collection.

What are my Hostess Benefits? +

As a Hostess, you’ll receive 50% off each item of your choosing for every $250 (£200) in sales. Additionally, for every $500 (£400) spent at your Fashion Experience, you’ll earn $15 (£12) in cabi credits to spend toward your Hostess order. If, during your Fashion Experience, a guest decides to be a Hostess for the first time and books a future Fashion Experience, you’ll earn an additional half-price item at the time of your guest’s Fashion Experience.

How many shows can I host? +

As many as you like! We have many Hostesses who have a Fashion Experience every season and also multiple times per season as we have more product offerings.

How do I make sure my show is well attended? +

If you’re feeling challenged with getting invitees to RSVP, contact your cabi Stylist, as she will have great advice. Then, try picking up the phone and calling your friends—they’d probably love to hear from you, and it will serve as a reminder that they need some time with you! Lastly, try picking out a few cabi items you think would look great on them. After all, nobody “tells it like it is” like your friends! That’s what the cabi Fashion Experience is all about.

Can I promote my cabi show on social media? +

After you have sent out your official cabi-vites, please share the news about your upcoming cabi Fashion Experience with your social networks; however, we do ask: please no Facebook events or Evites.

Can I have multiple vendors at my cabi show? Can my cabi Stylist participate in my event? +

Cabi Stylists may not participate in any Fashion Experience where other products are being sold. If you are having an event in which you’d like your cabi Stylist to participate, please contact her and she will determine whether it’s an event she can take part in.

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