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Thanksgiving travel: 5 items for stress-free packing

November 15, 2016

Thanksgiving brings so many wonderful things: quality time with the fam, cozying up on the couch, pumpkin pie (more please!). But this blissful weekend away can be chockful of different activities, making packing super stressful. For those traveling for the holiday weekend, we’ll show you how to pack with five easy pieces to create a new look for every occasion. Best of all, your suitcase will be light—the only thing stuffed this year is the turkey!

5 Items, 5 Outfits

cabi Clothing | How to Pack for Thanksgiving Capsule

Hometown Hottie

cabi Clothing | How to Pack for Thanksgiving Capsule

Thanksgiving’s mostly about family time, but friends are in town for the holiday, too! This outfit is perfect for going out to catch up with the girls. Packing tip: Buy a travel steamer—the Conair one is small and works like a dream!

GET THE LOOK: Convertible Jacket, Split Back Blouse, Fiery Skirt, Pyramid Necklace, Zelda Cuff, Sam Edelman Classic Pumps

Turkey Time

cabi Clothing | How to Pack for Thanksgiving Capsule

A simple chic outfit is ideal for Thursday’s big family dinner; you’ll be sure to stay comfy all day long.

GET THE LOOK: Convertible Jacket (zipped off), Odyssey Turtleneck, Fiery Skirt, Cameo Necklace, Cameo Earrings, Zara Booties, Urban Decay Naked Basics

Walk it Off

cabi Clothing | How to Pack for Thanksgiving Capsule

Take a hike around your old stomping grounds in this casual yet sophisticated outfit. Packing tip: Roll your jeans up in your suitcase—it creates a buffer for the rest of your clothes!

GET THE LOOK: Split Back Blouse, New Crop, Jasper Bangle, Jasper Crescent Necklace, Steve Madden ‘Edit’ Bootie, Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick, Red Nail Polish

Date Night

cabi Clothing | How to Pack for Thanksgiving Capsule

When the family gets to be a little much, leave the kids with grandma and take your hubby to your favorite wine bar. Packing tip: Roll your delicate blouses around pajamas to minimize wrinkling!

GET THE LOOK: Fiery Skirt, Split Back Blouse, Zelda Necklace, Zelda Cuff, Nine West ‘Black Wasabi’ Mod Bootie, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette Pen Spray

Black Friday Frenzy

cabi Clothing | How to Pack for Thanksgiving Capsule

Get down to business in this no-nonsense outfit. Packing tip: Always save shoe bags and travel with them to keep your other clothes clean.

GET THE LOOK: Odyssey Turtleneck, New Crop, Convertible Jacket, Pyramid Charm Earrings, Chelsea Charm Necklace, Dune London ‘Flossy’ Basic Oxfords, IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC (travel size)

See, Turkey Day travel can be stress free! So, we want to know: Which outfit are you most likely to pack? Leave your comments below!