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5 wardrobe staples, 15 spring favorites, 30 new looks

February 7, 2017

We couldn’t be more thrilled about the excitement around our new Spring 2017 Collection!

Our gorgeous new pieces just have that certain je ne sais quoi—we don’t blame you if you’re have trouble choosing just a few! But if you’re the savvy fashionista we know you are, we’re here to tell you that you can make the most of your favorites simply by mixing and matching. Our Fashion Director Becky Jantzen gave us some pro tips on how to maximize your wardrobe and save your pocketbook in the process. See how she took 15 of her Spring 2017 favorites, plus 5 wardrobe staples you probably already have in your closet, to create 30 gorgeous outfits you can wear all season long!

cabi Clothing | 30 Spring Outfit Ideas
cabi Clothing | 30 Spring Outfit Ideas
cabi Clothing | 30 Spring Outfit Ideas
cabi Clothing | 30 Spring Outfit Ideas

15 spring favorites

cabi Clothing | 30 Spring Outfit Ideas

5 wardrobe staples

cabi Clothing | 30 Spring Outfit Ideas

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1. Tidal Skinny, Iris Tank (Blue), Maritime Trench, St. Tropez Necklace, Isla Wedge

2. Maritime Trench, Waterfront Shirt (F16), Kick It Crop, Isla Wedge, Lock & Key Bracelet

3. Maritime Trench, Tie-Back Halter, Kick It Crop, Seahorse Cuff, Athena Sandal

4. Maritime Trench, Iris Tank, Flirt Skirt, St. Tropez Necklace, Athena Sandal

5. Maritime Trench, Serenity Tee – Heather Red (F16), Kick It Crop, Anchor Earrings, Isla Wedge

6. Flirt Cami, Maritime Trench, Flirt Skirt, St. Tropez Earrings

7. Flirt Cami, Kick It Crop, Waterfront Shirt (F16), Cinch Belt, Athena Sandal

8. Flirt Cami, Tidal Skinny, Maritime Trench, Sea Knot Necklace, Isla Wedge

9. Flirt Cami, Flirt Skirt, Locomotive Jacket, Athena Sandal, Anchor Necklace

10. Flirt Cami, Gossamer Pullover, Dusk Destructed Skinny (F16), Seahorse Cuff, Isla Wedge

11. Locomotive Jacket, Iris Tank (Blue), Flirt Skirt, Rope Duo Necklace

12. Locomotive Jacket, Bistro Tee, New crop (Fall ’16), Athena Sandal, Lock & Key Necklace

13. Locomotive Jacket, Gossamer Pullover, Tie-Back Halter, Kick It Crop, Athena Sandal, St. Tropez Earrings

14. Locomotive Jacket, Tie-Back Halter, New Crop (Fall ’16), Lock & Key Bracelet, Marc Jacobs Purse

15. Playsuit, Locomotive Jacket, Patchwork Scarf, Anchor Earrings, Athena Sandal

16. Banner Sweater, Waterfront Shirt (F16), Kick It Crop, Isla Wedge, Sea Knot Necklace

17. Banner Sweater, Flirt Cami, Kick it Crop, Rope Duo Necklace, Athena Sandal

18. Banner Sweater, Bistro Tee, Cinch Belt, Kick It Crop, Athena Sandal

19. Banner Sweater, Flirt Skirt, Flirt Cami, Isla Wedge, Seahorse Cuff

20. Playsuit, Banner Sweater, Riviera Necklace, Athena Sandal

21. Gossamer Pullover, Tie-Back Halter, Kick It Crop, Lock & Key Necklace

22. Gossamer Pullover, Flirt Skirt, St. Tropez Earrings, Isla Wedge

23. Gossamer Pullover, Grandstand Skirt, Anchor Earrings, Athena Sandal

24. Gossamer Pullover, Maritime Trench, Dusk Destructed Skinny (F16), Lock & Key Bracelet, Isla Wedge

25. Gossamer Pullover, Tie-Back Halter, Grandstand Skirt, Athena Sandal, Riviera Necklace

26. Flirt Skirt, Bistro Tee, Athena Sandal, Rope Duo Necklace

27. Flirt Skirt, Iris Tank, Explorer Vest (S16), Anchor Necklace, Isla Wedge

28. Flirt Skirt, Serenity Tee – Heather Red (F16), Locomotive Jacket, Seahorse Cuff, Athena Sandal

29. Flirt Skirt (as a top), Tidal Skinny, Locomotive Jacket, Athena Sandal, Lock & Key Necklace, Lock & Key Bracelet

30. Flirt Skirt, Flirt Cami, Explorer Vest (S16), Athena Sandal, Sea Knot Necklace