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your ultimate music festival guide

April 6, 2017

All year you’ve been driving to work with the stereo cranked up to get through traffic jams or riding the train with your earbuds to make the time pass by. Music is an integral part of our daily lives, giving us the strength to get through challenges both big and small and providing the soundtrack for our celebrations. There are albums that make you fall in love, and tracks that make you dance all night. That’s why there’s nothing we love more than taking a long weekend and going to a music festival. From discovering new music to simply breaking from the routine, these five festivals will leave you feeling inspired. Not sure where to go, how to pack for it, or what to expect? Check out our 2017 music festival guide below!

cabi Clothing | Music Festival Guide

WHAT TO WEAR: Fiesta Romper and Tan Sandals

cabi Clothing | Music Festival Guide

WHAT TO WEAR: Court Skort, Prudence Top, Lock & Key Bracelet, Floppy Hat

cabi Clothing | Music Festival Guide

WHAT TO WEAR: Tomboy Short, Tassel Tank, Cowgirl Boots


– Bring a water bottle: Most music festivals will have re-fill stations, plus you can save money!

– Pack an extra pair of shoes: Bring flats or sandals in your bag in case you get blisters from walking around.

– Wear clothes that can get dirty: You may experience dust, rain, or even just sweat from hot temperatures.

– Bring ear plugs: It’s important to protect your ear drums from the loud music.

– Bring cash for food/drinks: Just in case they don’t accept credit cards.

– Pre-plan a meeting spot: With large crowds, it’s easy to get lost. Mark your territory at a meeting post in case you get separated from your group.

– A rain poncho: If there’s a chance of rain, then this is a must!

– Pack a camera: You’ll definitely want to capture all the memories!

– Bring hand sanitizer: Most likely your bathroom options include a Porta Potty…need we say more?

– Bring a phone charger: Utilize the charging stations for when your battery gets low!

With so many festivals to choose from, it was tough to get our list down to just five. Do you have a favorite festival we’re forgetting about? Let us know why you love it in the comments below!