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10 practical yet stylish casual outfit ideas for women

July 3, 2023

Every fashionista knows that any time you step out of the house is a chance to express yourself through clothing and accessories. Whether you’re coordinating outfits for a coffee date, a stroll through the city, or meeting up with friends for lunch, you want to wear something that’s not too dressy but still fun and chic.

What’s more is that an outfit that’s both stylish and casual can easily go from day to night depending on the look and the event. Finding the perfect daytime outfit that’s the perfect mix of casual and stylish is easier than you think with a little fashion inspiration.

Here are some of our favorite casual outfit ideas for women that are comfy, cool, and effortless.

outfit #1: oversized sweater and skinny jeans

On a crisp, fall day, there’s nothing better than a cozy sweater to keep warm paired with a fun beanie or scarf. An oversized sweater is sure to keep you cozy, and with tons of colors and prints to choose from, the options are limitless. While many think to pair oversized sweaters with leggings, take your outfit to the next level with a pair of skinny jeans.

If you’re going to pair an oversized sweater with jeans, the skinnier the better. This balances the outfit out so you don’t look too bulky both on top and on the bottom. A pair of skinny jeans can be accessorized with either ankle boots, tall boots, or even a pair of comfy sneakers to keep the look casual.

outfit #2: denim jacket and midi skirt

Just because an outfit includes a skirt doesn’t mean it has to be fancy. Pairing a midi skirt with a denim jacket is an easy way to keep the look casual while still being stylish. A midi skirt is versatile enough to pair with several tops and covers enough so you can wear this look to the office or more informal settings.

You can dress this look up or down with your jewelry and footwear depending on the look you want to achieve. A pair of loafers or pumps can dress the look up and a pair of flats or sneakers can keep the look casual.

outfit #3: T-shirt dress and sneakers

A T-shirt dress is a comfy look to try out on warm spring or summer days. This style of dress is quite casual and completely comfortable, and there are tons of prints and colors out there. Pairing a T-shirt dress with sneakers is fun, modern, and perfect for hitting the pavement to do some errands or take a stroll with some friends.

Depending on the weather, adding a denim jacket and sunglasses makes for fabulous additions to the outfit. Another trendy accessory could be a light jacket tied around your waist with a tote bag over your shoulder.

outfit #4: classic white shirt and high-waisted jeans

Now’s the time to pull out your classic white dress shirt and pair it with some high-waisted jeans. This cut of denim is one of the trendiest right now, and a classic shirt tucked in or with a French tuck really complements the high waistline. High-waisted jeans come in several styles, including skinny, boyfriend, and bootcut, so there are several ways to try out this outfit.

This is a fresh spring look, so a pair of your favorite sunglasses and flats complete this chic outfit perfect for work or a daytime meeting with friends. In the winter, throw a blazer over your classic white shirt to elevate the outfit and stay warm. Since this is a timeless look, you can wear this ensemble just about anywhere.

outfit #5: joggers and cropped top

If you want a sporty look that’s good for athletic endeavors as much as hanging out with friends, try out a pair of joggers with a cropped top. The look you want and the weather can determine if you go for a sleeveless, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve cropped top. Something fun about this look is that you can mix and match colors or go monochrome and stick to one color.

All you need to complete this look is a pair of your favorite kicks and a baseball cap. However, if you want to go for an even sportier look, you can always layer a zip-up hoodie over your cropped top. Matching the hoodie to the joggers is a cute way to make this look a little chicer and not overly casual.

outfit #6: chambray shirt and culottes

If you’re looking for a breezy spring outfit, a chambray shirt paired with culottes is just the thing. Typically blue in color, a chambray shirt is light and airy and pairs perfectly with culottes. These loose-legged pants are fantastic for in-between weather since they give you a little coverage but are breathable enough for warmer days.

Chambray shirts are normally blue, so you can play around with both colors and prints when it comes to bottoms. If you go for neutral-colored culottes, add some blush accessories to the outfit. This pretty pink contrasts well with the blue of the shirt, so grab a cute bag or a light scarf to finish off the look.

outfit #7: striped shirt and boyfriend jeans

Want to look effortlessly cool while out and about running errands? A striped shirt with boyfriend jeans is a casual outfit that you can wear on the go but still looks quite put-together. What’s more is that you can wear this outfit almost year-round. In warmer weather, go for a short-sleeve basic tee in whatever colors you like. In warmer months, a long-sleeve shirt will keep you warm and still look good paired with cool boyfriend jeans.

Since this outfit is so versatile, it’s quite easy to accessorize. For a dressier look, cuff your jeans and put on a cute pair of ankle booties. If you want something more casual, try a pair of fun sneakers. In spring or fall, a cute denim or leather jacket is a nice touch.

outfit #8: graphic tee and denim shorts

A graphic tee is a fun way to express yourself, whether it has your favorite band logo or a pic from a beloved TV series. The possibilities really are limitless since you probably already have a variety of tees in your closet. In the summer months, you can pair a graphic tee with a pair of denim shorts for an easy youthful look that can go from running errands to a date at the ice cream shop to a walk in the park.

A graphic tee ensemble is really simple to accessorize. A crossbody bag and a pair of aviators make this a really easy look to pull together that’s casual but with some finishing touches. When it comes to footwear, put on your favorite pair of sandals for a more polished look or sneakers to stay fun and sporty.

outfit #9: black jumpsuit and sandals

An outfit that can truly go from day to night with the right accessories is a simple black jumpsuit with a pair of gorgeous sandals. This summertime ensemble can come in several styles, including sleeveless, short-sleeve, or very thin straps. The style you pick can dictate where you go in this outfit, but in most cases, this is a great look for a backyard barbecue in the summer or for grabbing a drink on the patio of your favorite bar.

Since the outfit is black, accessories are key here. Colorful sandals and jewelry will definitely bring this look to life, so don’t be afraid to layer on some sparkly jewelry, too. Grab your favorite handbag and sunglasses, and you’re good to go!

outfit #10: blazer and wide-leg pants

If you have daytime meetings and after-work drinks with friends, a blazer with wide-leg pants is an ensemble that really does it all. The blazer is elegant and chic, but the wide-leg pants add a casual element so the outfit isn’t overly stuffy or dressy.

Adding a fun belt, a cool headband, and the right sunglasses can help you play around with your look. The footwear you choose will depend on the length of your pants, which you don’t want to be too long or too short.

key takeaways

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