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I was a first grade teacher when I first heard about cabi. I loved my job as a teacher, but despite my master’s degree and the amount of effort I was putting forth, I was still earning far less than many of my colleagues who had been teaching longer. Also, my son was only six months old and I was yearning for more flexibility with my family.

At my first cabi Fashion Experience, I watched the presentation and immediately thought, I want to do this for a living! I could see that if I worked hard, my hard work would pay off—I would be in control of my income to better support my family, and I could have more time with my son. My husband was initially skeptical, but I knew I could be successful, so I started my cabi business right away. At The Scoop, I was surrounded by intelligent relational women and truly felt like this was where I belonged.

I try to teach my team that if they focus on the things that really matter, and put in effort over time, they will be successful. And I need to be a role model in that myself.

Over the past seven and a half years, cabi has given me personal and financial confidence. I’m able to contribute to my family, and women look at me as a role model—they come to me for advice. Before cabi, I would have never thought I could be a style guide, but now incredibly stylish women come to me for personal styling service. Even though it was hard for my husband to see what cabi was all about at first, he now sees how successful I am and how happy it makes me…he’s so proud!

I chose cabi because the harder I work, the more I earn. I’m also able to be with my kids all day long, not miss out on any of their activities, and I still get out of the house for time with my girlfriends. It’s important for my kids to see their mom be successful…to me, that means being happy, being fulfilled, and being there for others when they need me. Now my youngest child is getting ready to go to kindergarten next year and because I have an established business, I have the flexibility I wanted with an income that’s desirable to me, all through an amazing career of making people happy!


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