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When my children were toddlers, I thought about going back to work to earn some supplemental income, but knew I needed flexibility. As I watched other women with careers in an office environment, I saw the struggle they had, trying to balance family and work. I couldn’t imagine going into an office while still having the flexibility I wanted.

When I first discovered cabi, I was immediately attracted to the beautiful clothes and the experience of shopping with girlfriends. We were all busy moms with little kids and the cabi Fashion Experience was a really great way to look fabulous and gain true fashion confidence. I was buying so many cabi clothes that when I learned about the opportunity to become a Stylist, I thought this might be a baby step toward going to back to work, but without the rigidity of a corporate job. I had no sales or fashion experience, and I wasn’t sure if I would be successful as a cabi Stylist; I just loved the way the clothes made me feel and I knew I could easily share that with my friends.

Through my years with cabi I have grown personally and professionally- it has made me a better wife, a better mother, a better daughter, a better friend, and entrepreneur.

After the first year as a cabi Stylist, I quickly realized cabi makes it easy to be successful and my business could be my full-time, long-term career. What I’ve valued most about my cabi career while raising my children from toddlers to teenagers is that I haven’t had to miss a thing. With cabi, we are defying the way women work and have a family—I’ve been able to have a career around my family’s busy schedule and have a fabulous work-life balance.

Ever since I started, cabi has been about something bigger than myself. I began seeking a flexible way to earn some money, but quickly I could see the true DNA of cabi is about building authentic relationships with women through the vehicle of beautiful, relevant clothing. Learning about each other, growing these relationships, coming alongside other women I get to lead, and watching them succeed…it is truly such a privilege. Serving other women has become the center of my cabi career and I want to give this gift of cabi to other women so we can all live our best version of ourselves by putting first things first. It truly is a gift!


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