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In high school, I wanted to be in the fashion industry, but I took a detour because that didn’t seem to be a logical career choice from my parents’ viewpoint at the time. Because of the culture I grew up in, defining success was all about title. So, I went into business and worked in the corporate arena for over 20 years. I was a senior executive and pretty much became a workaholic. I had that one identity and I felt I’d lost the sense of being a wife, mother, and even who I was.

I began looking for my next opportunity, and I knew I needed balance in my life. I needed something that allowed me to excel from a strategic business mindset, but also to be human again. I realized that with cabi, I would have the chance to really live a whole life, and not just be a businesswoman, but also a wife and mother and someone who could really have fun again.

Never before in my decades as a Fortune 100 executive have I seen such a collaborative culture. This is the kind of culture I've always wanted to be a part of and I finally found it.

Being a corporate executive was very lonely. What I love about cabi is that I get to make real connections with women every day. Beyond building great friendships, I get to help women feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. My clients recognize I’m not there to tell them the do’s and don’ts of fashion; I’m there to help them be their most authentic self, and when I do that, I am my most authentic self, too. Through nurturing these relationships, I now have a whole circle of friends.

As a business owner with cabi, I have found another way of defining success. I can be there for my children and make a difference in women’s lives every day. I have found a career that has given me more meaning and it feels great to be doing something that I knew I was passionate about from the beginning.


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