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Meet Sarah


Grateful Side-Gig Stylist & Mother of 2

When you work with a Stylist, when you build a relationship with somebody you can truly trust, what you get in return is a wardrobe that thoroughly works for you—that amplifies your personal style, helping you discover your style for the very first time or embrace new styles you never would have otherwise considered.


“Every woman needs to get dressed in the morning whether she is driving the kids to school or heading off to her full-time career,” says Stylist Sarah Riordan. “And I believe every woman deserves to feel confidently beautiful and ready for her day. We help take the stress out of those first moments so every woman can live her best life.”

Beyond changing the way women shop, cabi has changed the way women work as Stylists provide the cabi Fashion Experience, building their own flexible career.

“When someone asks me what I do,” says Sarah, “I share, ‘You know how you (or your wife or girlfriend) stands in their closet before an event, a night out, or work…frustrated…throwing clothes around?’ And the universal answer is…’Yes!’ Then I say, ‘Well, I help women avoid that. I offer a styling experience that helps women love their wardrobe and feel confident that what they decide to wear suits them and their personal style perfectly.’”

This heart to serve and the ability to understand a woman’s needs naturally leads to a loyal following of clients who are eager to repeat the styling experience often.

“Building relationships as we meet her everyday style needs is the heart of our business. It creates trust and loyalty. It keeps us connected and provides space to grow. In a way, it seems to allow fashion and style to serve a much bigger purpose,” says Sarah in a moment of reflection.

Before Sarah’s discovery of cabi, she lived in New York City where she was exposed to high-caliber fashion and business and it was there her desire to start her own business was ignited. After a move to Los Angeles, as her husband embarked on a new career, Sarah was far from friends and family with a toddler at home and began to explore her career options. She felt the timing was right to start something of her own, and had to take notice when two times in one week friends mentioned the company cabi.

And I believe every woman deserves to feel confidently beautiful and ready for her day.

“I went to the cabi show and everything about it just clicked for me,” Sarah reminisces. “It was more than shopping a rack of clothes—it offered a highly-curated boutique experience that is entertaining, educational, and supportive. I saw it as a chance for women to get away from daily pressures, spend time with good friends, and lift each other up. I thought, “What an incredible idea to build lasting relationships around style!” At that first show, she got a clear picture of herself bringing this rich shopping experience to women, and realized it was an opportunity for so much more—it was a way for her to make a difference for women, helping them see the value and beauty within themselves.

“I’ve always been passionate about helping women perceive themselves more positively, helping expand their confidence, and thereby their contributions to the world. There is nothing more exciting to me than helping women realize their purpose and their potential. Becoming a cabi Stylist allowed me to grow my influence ten-fold.” Sarah adds, “When I think of all I’ve experienced as a result of taking a leap of faith to begin my cabi business, my heart fills up and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Contributing to her family’s income has led to a liberating lifestyle where she now can realistically plan for her child’s college tuition and for retirement. She’s experiencing that unique thrill that comes from doing something you absolutely love, while also growing financially and personally. “Cabi attracts a community of big thinkers, who inspire me to offer my best each day as both a leader and a Stylist. I work shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best every day; these service-minded women have become my dear friends,” she says. Cabi was created to be a collaborative community, where women grow stronger together. Every woman involved in the cabi Fashion Experience, from the clients to the Hostesses to the Stylists themselves, is part of something much bigger than any individual; they’re a cadre of talented, caring, smart women who come to know themselves better through growing together. It’s this invitation to thrive and support others that has women like Sarah and her friends embracing this chance to express their vision, entrepreneurial skills, and love for fashion all in one unique career.

I went to the
cabi show and everything about it just clicked for me.


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Cabi Stylists have diverse professional backgrounds—from young moms to Fortune 500 executives, no two stories are alike.


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