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The Power of Inner Beauty

February 11, 2014

Let’s face it, we’re too hard on ourselves. While others may see a lively, confident gal in you, we are often our own toughest critic. We asked perfect strangers to describe some of our CAbi models, designers, and staff we know and love.  The answers were something beautiful, as you will read below.

Next time you turn a critical eye on our own beauty, remember that attitude and self-confidence can make a big difference.  Looking happy, being positive, and having a bright smile can make any outfit look good.  And ladies, how many of us take a beautiful compliment and knock it by adding something negative? We all have a tendency to do this–but instead, just say, “thank you” and own it. No need to diminish it by adding “oh, but…”, right?

Is there a compliment someone has paid you that has made you feel special or has stuck out in your mind? Share it in the comments below.

break out jacket

A really light, positive person. I wanted to know everything she was thinking.”

BECKY IS WEARING: Life Jacket #823 xs-xl $148;  Net Sweater #694 xs-xl $84; Essential Tank (Latte) #792 xs-xl $49; Hole Punch Belt #780 xs-xl $59;  Deconstructed Brett Jean #748 0-16 $108

break out jacket

So cute! And with a friendly, witty sense of humor.”

SONG IS WEARING: Nantucket Sweater #709 xs-xl $118; Needle Lace Shell #800 xs-xl $98; Simple Cami (White) #295 xs-xl $34; Brett Jean #751 0-16 $108

break out jacket

She has a very open, positive way about her. Inquisitive, interested … interesting.”

LILIANE IS WEARING: City Blazer #717 0-16 $138; Hole Punch Belt #780 xs-xl $59; Lifeboat Tee #762 xs-xl $74; Coast Crop #820 0-16 $98

break out jacket

Candid, fashionable, enthusiastic, she has this expression when she smiles…
like she’s beaming.”

LIV IS WEARING: Colony Club Dress #784 xs-xl $98; Indie Jean #752 0-16 $108
 break out jacket

 Charming, friendly, and fully engaged. She quickly brightened my day.”

ERIN IS WEARING: Daffodil Cardi #706 xs-xl $89; Mum Cami #777 xs-xl $69; Ruby Jean #750
0-16 $108

break out jacket

Has a clear, open expression, really approachable; she is kind-hearted, too.”

EISHIA IS WEARING: It Girl Cami #798 xs-xl $84; Clover Camo Jegging #766 0-16 $118

break out jacket

“She has a smile that just seems to light up the day. Her smile made me smile.”

CAROLINE IS WEARING: Norma Jean Jacket #721 xs-xl $108; Linen Tank #755 xs-xl $69; Ivy League Shorts #816 0-16 $79

break out jacket

Sexy, sophisticated, someone who tells it like it is, but also makes you feel good about hearing it.”

 ANDIE IS WEARING: City Blazer #717 0-16 $138;  Origami Top #757 xs-xl $79; M’leggings #839 xs-xl $69


break out jacket

She has a real confidence to her. She looks like the kind of person who could accomplish anything.”

CHARO IS WEARING: Clover Tweed Jacket #726 0-16 $138; Covet Tee #832 xs-xl $69; Ruby Jean #750 0-16 $108