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endless outfit possibilities: the power of column dressing

June 2, 2023

Investing in your personal style can sometimes feel overwhelming between keeping up with the latest trends and incorporating all the new styles into your seasonal wardrobe, but we’re here to bust that myth, all thanks to a little trick we like to call column dressing. The concept of column dressing offers a refreshingly minimalist approach to style that can simplify your life big time. By focusing on a few key basics and building outfits around them, column dressing can help you create a closet full of options that are beyond easy to whip together. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

The idea is to create a foundation for an outfit using a single color palette. Today we’re featuring an all-white and an all-navy base outfit using the Duchess Tank and Button Fly Straight and the Complete Top and Barrister Trouser. Once you’ve got that down, all that’s left to do is add a topper and accessories, and suddenly you’ve opened the door to a range of different looks with the snap of a finger. Watch the video to see the final five looks fully styled below! The beauty of column dressing is that it takes the guesswork out of getting dressed. When you have a few matching basics that you know pair well together, you’ll never again ask yourself, “What should I wear?”

The best thing about a sleeveless tank is all the layering possibilities it offers! Try styling the Keep Jacket as a shirt beneath a printed blazer to add dimension to this white base fit.

Featured Items: Presentation Blazer, Keep Jacket, Duchess Tank, Button Fly Straight, Timepiece Necklace, Timepiece Earrings

Going head-to-toe monochrome lets you turn to your accessories for extra razzle dazzle. The Romance Scarf adds a pop of color while the Utility Belt helps break up your look and flatter your figure.

Featured Items: Half Circle Sweater, Duchess Tank, Button Fly Straight, Utility Belt, Romance Scarf, Timepiece Earrings

Mixing your whites and neutrals is super on trend this season, so go ahead and style a head-to-toe pristine outfit with the beige Excursion Anorak and some chunky silver jewelry.

Featured Items: Excursion Anorak, Duchess Tank, Button Fly Straight, Collar Necklace, Collar Hoop Earrings

A navy base outfit is simply begging to be styled back to nautical stripes, like the navy and white striped Boathouse Cardigan.

Featured Items: Boathouse Cardigan, Complete Top, Barrister Trouser, Utility Belt, Collar Necklace, Collar Hoop Earrings

Swap out a long-length cardigan for the cropped Admiral Jacket to create a monochromatic effect. Pearly accessories will instantly pop against this midnight background.

Featured Items: Admiral Jacket, Complete Top, Barrister Trouser, Lagoon Earrings, Lagoon Necklace

Column dressing can unlock a world of outfit possibilities in your closet and take the stress out of getting dressed. By investing in versatile basics that match, you can create the foundation for an endless array of looks. Turn to your accessories, jackets, and shoes for the final flourish to take your look from casual to formal or edgy to classic in the blink of an eye. Have fun experimenting with this minimalist approach to dressing, and discover the limitless potential of your wardrobe.