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mix it up: mixing patterns like a pro

May 17, 2023

Dip your toe into The Mix-Up trend this season with some insight on how to mix patterns—the water’s warm! It might sound a little counterintuitive, but when it comes to print mixing, more often than not, a clash is exactly how to achieve a perfect match. Don’t get us wrong, we’re being deliberate about our choices—we’re considering a pattern’s scale, color palette, and texture before combining to our heart’s content. It can seem daunting, but the good news is that we’ve done all the work for you. Not only is each Collection designed with print mixing in mind, but we’ve even gone the extra mile and put eight outfits together to show you the variety of styling possibilities the Spring 2023 Collection has to offer.

Today we’re showcasing four tops, each styled in two different ways to prove just how easy it is to maximize the potential of your spring wardrobe. Take a look at the video to see the eight different outfits fully styled. Now that we’ve gotten the ball rolling, we can’t wait to see the outfits you’ll dream up this season!

Whet Your Palette

Chevron Top, Bloom Cardigan, Palm Beach Crop

One way to mix your prints is to opt for two varied patterns within the same color palette, like the navy blue and orange featured in this top-and-blouse combo.

Small Print, Big Impact

Chevron Top, Keep Jacket, Matchmaker Skort

A foolproof recipe for success is to match back to a microprint that reads as a solid. This will create harmony in your outfit while adding interest when you zoom in.

Dot Your Tees

Spectator Shirt, Matchmaker Topper, Traipse Trouser

We all know to dot our i’s, but what about dotting your tees? A neutral palette, large-scale polka dot matches easily with other patterns like the subtle jacquard print Matchmaker Topper.


Spectator Shirt, Excursion Anorak, Zip Line Skirt

You’ve already got a print within a print in the Zip Line Skirt, which features a camo-floral mash-up. All that’s left to do is style back to a contrasting polka dot for expert styling status.

Verdant Verdict

Scroll Top, Presentation Blazer, Barrister Trouser

The final verdict? A groovy green blouse styled back to a tweed blazer with flecks of complementary threads, all balanced back to solid navy trousers for full effect. Done!

Weave It In

Scroll Top, Open Stitch Cardigan, 5th Avenue Jean, Utility Belt

Don’t gloss over knitwear when considering your print-mixing options. The Open Stitch Cardigan acts as a textured, crocheted pattern designed in a pair-with-anything white hue.

Better in Threes

Bitmap Top, Coco Jacket, High-Low Crop

A busy geo print, a vintage-inspired plaid, and mixed-denim jeans come together to create a high-end, unexpectedly chic look. Sometimes it’s just got to be all or nothing.

 Build Me Up Buttercup

Bitmap Top, Hobnob Topper, Coco Skirt

Pastel yellow is the ultimate springtime hue, so let it be the common thread in your mixed-print outfit. This sunny look will feel like a monochrome moment with so much more dimension!