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6 Entertaining Tips for Spring Holidays

April 17, 2014

Spring is here, and with it, opportunities to celebrate holidays with friends and family.  And, although traditions and dishes may vary between Easter and Passover, preparing your house for guests can be equally daunting. If you love entertaining, but sometimes get overwhelmed about putting together a perfect holiday, scroll down and discover how you can be the best hostess with the mostest–without the stress.

1. Keep the menu simple

Figure out a few simple dishes that you know your family and guests will enjoy. Set up the food buffet-style in the corner of the dining room, to avoid traffic jams, and let people help themselves. Want to save even more time? Plan a potluck instead, and let each guest share the favorite dish. If you are still looking for recipe ideas, visit our Food and Drink section for quick and easy dishes.

2. Designate a bar area

Use a small cart or table and stock it with essentials: glasses, ice, pre-made cocktails, and wine. Drinks will be at an easier reach and you’ll have more time to sit down and enjoy the celebration.

 3. Create a child-friendly zone

You can serve dinner for the kids first and then keep them occupied with some movies, board games, or other activities while the adults enjoy their dinner. Or, you can set up a kids’ table next to the adults’ so everyone can dine together. Be sure this area is ready to handle any unexpected mess.

4. Take it Outdoors

If you prefer a relaxed setting, take the party outdoors, and you won’t have to worry about a mess! Organize your patio furniture to recreate a casual dining room, or setup some chairs for people to sit and talk while they munch. Create a cozy ambiance by hanging lanterns or lighting votive candles. The beauty of the backyard is that there’s minimal cleaning when the guests leave!

5. Decorate

Add a splash of color with fresh floral arrangements as centerpieces around the house. Mix and match vases for a chic, perfect balance or try lighting some candles to create a relaxing ambiance.

6. Enjoy!

Remember that you need to make people feel at home. Take the time to sit down and mingle with guests. If they feel welcome, they’ll have a great time.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, make it a happy one! Get some appetizer, dessert and drink ideas here.


Do you have tips for hosting a party without having to stress? Share them with us below.