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Turn 15 CAbi Items into 30 Outfits

August 5, 2014

If you’ve already placed your order and are excited to see our recently released BeautiFall Me Collection hanging in your closet, we have some style tips to help you plan an array of outfits. If you are still contemplating what will give you the most versatility, we are here to help! Our Style Director, Becky, shares thirty stunning ensembles, each mixed, matched, and mingled to perfection out of just 15 fantastic CAbi fall items! This season’s BeautiFall Me Collection is especially creative, and every piece shines with eye-catching colors and chic, classic style.

With these 30 iconic new outfits, you’ll have more than enough opportunities to flaunt your fall fashion know-how! Be sure to share your favorite looks with us on Instagram using the hashtag #CAbiStyle!

1. Breakthrough Jacket, McQueen Shirt, Ponte Pencil Skirt 2. Breakthrough Jacket, Festival Blouse, Ponte Pencil Skirt 3. Breakthrough Jacket, Festival Blouse, Bordeaux Wash Skinny Jean 4. Breakthrough Jacket, Tulip Top, Swathe Skirt 5. Breakthrough Jacket, Border Wrap, PR Trouser 6. Breakthrough Jacket, Luxury Tee, PR Trouser

7. Breakthrough Jacket, Printed Jubilee Top, Ponte Legging 8. PR Trouser, Luxury Tee, Estate Jacket 9. PR Trouser, Printed Jubilee Top, Breakthrough Jacket 10. PR Trouser, Tulip Top, Estate Jacket 11. Luxury Tee, Bordeaux Wash Skinny Jean, Infinite Vest 12. Luxury Tee (tucked in), Swathe Skirt, Ponte Legging

CAbi Fall 2014, 15 items for 30 days, outfits 16-18

13. Luxury Tee, Ponte Pencil Skirt, Estate Jacket 14. Festival Blouse, Bordeaux Wash Skinny Jean, Infinite Vest 15. Festival Blouse, Swathe Skirt, Ponte Legging 16. Festival Blouse, Ponte Pencil Skirt, McQueen Shirt (as a jacket) 17. Festival Blouse, Infinite Vest, Ponte Pencil Skirt 18. Border Wrap (tucked in), Ponte Pencil Skirt, Breakthrough Jacket

19. Border Wrap, Bordeaux Wash Skinny Jean 20. Border Wrap, Swathe Skirt, Ponte Legging 21. McQueen Shirt, Tulip Top (tucked in), Swathe Skirt 22. McQueen Shirt, Printed Jubilee Top, Swathe Skirt, Infinite Vest 23. McQueen Shirt, Bordeaux Wash Skinny Jean, Tulip Top 24. McQueen Shirt, Estate Jacket, Bordeaux Wash Skinny Jean

25. McQueen Shirt, Estate Jacket, Swathe Skirt, Ponte Legging 26. McQueen Shirt, Striped Tee, Ponte Legging, Infinite Vest 27. Infinite Vest, Printed Jubilee Top, Ponte Legging 28. Infinite Vest, Tulip Top, Bordeaux Wash Skinny Jean 29. Ponte Legging, Swathe Skirt, Festival Blouse, Infinite Vest 30. Border Wrap, Infinite Vest, PR Trouser