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MomTrends’ Nicole Feliciano Talks CAbi

January 22, 2015

Don’t ever underestimate the power of style. That’s one of the key messages I got from attending my first CAbi Scoop in San Diego this month.

The trip was a whirlwind of fashion and inspiration. First, let’s start with the fashion. The Scoop brings together over 3,500 CAbi Consultants for a few days of absorbing the latest Collection, as well as attending a host of seminars aimed to help the Consultants become savvier businesswomen.

I started the day off hearing about some of the latest marketing updates for CAbi. While I don’t want to give away too many trade secrets, I thought more about what Consultants offer their guests and the level of service the provide when they become a personal stylist and friend to the women they serve! As one Consultant said, CAbi is about “helping women find their beauty.” In the training sessions I attended, I was blown away by the sharing and community building happening around me.

As a keen observer of style, The Scoop was a great place to people watch. Yes, everyone was in CAbi, but each woman added her own personal flair and styled her outfit to make it her own. I’ve never been surrounded by so much beauty!

Lucky me, I got an early look at the Spring 2015 Collection and got to wear an outfit from the Collection to the event and got a sneak peek at the models practicing the show choreography for the CAbi fashion show. The excitement was building! As I dropped in and out of the training events, the CAbi ladies spotted the new Collection on me and were eager to find out more. Soon enough ladies!

Show time! The big event. As the Consultants poured into the event the music was pumping and the energy electric.

And let the show begin. Oh the fashions! The models strutted in the clothes I simply know everyone in my circle is going to WANT to wear. The models were perfection. Gorgeous in a glorious array of sizes and ages all the women reflected the CAbi spirit.  We all clapped, cheered, and couldn’t wait to get our hands on these clothes.

Of the seven groups in the Collection, if I HAD to pick two favorite collections it would be “On the Go” and “In the Know.” Let’s take a look at what I’m ordering for spring…


Split Back Pullover 

Oatmeal Fleck Tank 

Paradise Cropped Super Skinny Jean

This look is perfect for my life. It can go from dropping off the kids at school to date night. The spunky lemon lime top is the perfect way to announce spring’s arrival.


Butterfly Wrap Top 

Coast Crop

Prints rule! CAbi’s Design Team wrapped up the most spectacular prints for spring—one of my favorites is this butterfly print. For any trip you’ve got planned these sunny and versatile pants are the perfect way to update your look.


Provence Sweater

Rock Candy Shell

Everly Pant

This outfit is so sophisticated and delicious. The embellished top was a crowd-pleaser and paired with the cream-colored pant it’s the height of sophistication. Slip the sweater on top to create texture that makes this outfit even more eye-catching.


Hourglass Cardigan

Printed Madeleine Top 

Malibu Flare Jean

The designers at CAbi know what they are doing. This cardigan hits in all the right places.

Denim is the place to have fun this spring. The wide-leg pant is youthful and so much fun to pair with the printed tops we all love from CAbi.

While the fashions were enough to make we want to move to warmer climates to start wearing these clothes, the element of my few days at The Scoop was witnessing the community building and camaraderie. I saw firsthand how CAbi turns “me” into “WE.” Hearing Kimberly Inskeep, CAbi’s President and Chief Culture Officer, compare her team’s work to that of highly trained athletes rowing in tandem gave me chills. Since I’ve been connected to the brand, I’ve been learning more and more about how CAbi supports women by providing flexible career opportunities and room to grow. With each interaction with CAbi, I’ve been impressed by the big things the CAbi women are doing with their businesses.

Sitting in on the CMAs (CAbi Magnificence Awards) brought my respect level to new heights. As each new award was announced, the group of women went wild. It was as if EVERYONE in the room was winning. The enthusiasm and energy was palpable. I was most moved by the “Rookie of the Season” award and hearing how much she sold in just six months was phenomenal. When she got up to accept the award, CAbi’s Rookie was so genuinely thankful—to her team, to her customers, and to her brand. Women supporting women … it doesn’t get any better than that.

I feel so lucky to have basked in the glow of the CAbi Girls.  And now I consider myself part of the team—and I’m so proud to be a CAbi Girl! What makes you proud to be CAbi Girls? I’d love to see your comments below.