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What’s In My Bag?

July 9, 2015

Do you ever wonder what CAbi’s executives and trendsetters rely on to keep them going in their day-to-day uber successful lives? Well, now is your chance to take a peek inside their bags!  We invited some of our favorite CAbi Home Office movers and shakers to empty their bags and share the things they can’t leave home without. Scroll down to discover their go-tos…perhaps you’ll find a few to add to YOUR bag!

  • Supplements: I eat super-duper healthy and I swear by my combination of supplements. (The probiotic are the most important of them all!)
  • Lucas Papaw: Can’t live without this! Idiscovered it on set at a CAbi campaign photo shoot years ago because our makeup artist used it constantly. It’s a great moisturizer for lips, minor scraps, cuticles, flaky elbows, eczema—you name it!
  • Celine Sunglasses: When I found these in Hong Kong, I died over the color and shape. I collect vintage and modern sunglasses and had nothing like these. I have been wearing them nonstop.
  • John Maxwell’s Good Leaders Ask Great Questions:  When I find myself waiting, Im always glad to have a solid book with me to productively pass the time.
  • Deep Blue Essential Oil: This blend is a game-changing soother for those stressful days
  • Bronze Hand-in-Heart: Crafted by a dear artist friend, I carry this piece with me as a symbolic reminder that we must hold one anothers hearts carefully.
  • Gym Clothes and Beanie: Now that I am a Southern- Californian, I am always active so I must have a spare stash of clothes ready for a last-minute hike or workout.
  • Mustache Wax and Pocket Comb: I’ll occasionally explore the mustache, and when I do, it MUST be groomed.
  • Passage d’Enfer Eau de Toilette: My new favorite scent. It is clean with subtle tones of incense that remind me of my childhood in Italy.
  • Kind Bars: For fear of going H-angry, I MUST have a snack with me at all times.
  • Sophie the Giraffe: My daughter, Addie’s, most favorite toy is a must-have in my bag. I should probably buy five more!
  • Chanel Lip Glossimer: I’m a lip gloss girl, and Chanel is my go-to. I love trying their new seasonal colors!

Now that you’ve seen what they carry in their bags, it’s your turn to show us what’s in YOUR bag! Tell us what you carry every day and why it’s a must-have in the comments below!