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a taste of fall

May 24, 2016

There are trips…and then there are journeys. The latter open our eyes to all that is new and wildly exciting—to senses, perceptions, and feelings that shape us for years to come. It just so happens we took one of those journeys recently; a journey to a fresh fashion capital with its own unique, creative spark. We wound up in a place that celebrates one of our core values: to do things differently, while bringing a singular sense of flair and vision to each Collection. So go ahead, take a break from spring and indulge in a sneak peek of what’s coming to your closet this fall!

Say konnichiwa to our most surprising and unexpectedly fabulous styles! Tokyo is as culturally rich as it is thrillingly modern, a place where styling borrows as much from pop culture as it does from the highest levels of sophistication steeped in tradition. The gorgeous city provided the perfect backdrop to highlight our exquisite new Collection: the beautiful shades of red, the hints of menswear with a feminine twist, the casual cozy tops complemented by contemporary details like sharp, hidden slits. We captured our cabi woman hustling and bustling under the city’s skyscrapers, walking through an immaculately tended Zen garden, shopping chicly curated boutiques with friends, and eating street cart delicacies. If you’re as excited about fall as we are, share our Sneak Peek Video on social media, and bring your friends along on the style journey of a lifetime.

cabi Clothing - Fall 2016 Sneak Peek Video