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Fall 2017 Trend Report: Tough Love

August 10, 2017

You know those days when you open your closet and find yourself mysteriously drawn in two totally different stylistic directions, wondering how you’re going to pull an outfit together?


Well, if you find yourself holding something feminine in your left hand and something a little more tomboy in the right, you’re in luck! This Fall, we’re totally in love with Tough Love, our favorite way to dress girlie without losing our edge…and to dress edgy without losing that girlish charm. Think plaid shirts with flippy skirts, tough booties with floral dresses—don’t be afraid to experiment!


From work to play, check out these three looks that will show some tough love.


Mix a military jacket with an elegantly patterned dress for a totally boss, workweek look. The subtly bohemian poly chiffon of the Treasure Dress lends a feminine touch, while the long length and roomy silhouette of the moss green Hanson Anorak adds an army-inspired twist. Round things out with the faunal charms of the Secret Garden Cuff and the flirty tassels of the Flapper Earrings for a look that’s as delicate and intricate as it’s, dare we say…commanding.

WORK: Treasure Dress, Hanson Anorak, Bisset Bootie, Secret Garden Cuff, Flapper Earrings


When we’re feeling playful, we start with a fedora and work our way down. Balance out the boyishness with the subtle leopard print of the ultra-feminine Jungle Jacket. Then, keep things simple with a Sway Tank and Slim Boyfriend, both of which perfectly complement the sleek, tailored look of the jacket. Finish off with ultra-cute accessories like the Emblem Belt and the charming The Buzz Earrings.

PLAY: Jungle Jacket, Sway Tank, Slim Boyfriend, Coach Moto Boot, Emblem Belt, The Buzz Earrings


London’s chicest—those effortless style mavens—have known about pairing skinnies with loafers for ages. But if you’re new to the look, there’s no better place to start than matching The Quest cord with the Carnaby Loafer. Soften things up with the trendy Dijon mustard shade of the Luna Pullover, and cinch it all together with the Emblem Belt. Accessories? The more the better! Reach for the zesty elegance of The Buzz Necklace and the perfect pearlescence of the Heritage Bracelet.

LOUNGE: The Quest, Carnaby Loafer, Luna Pullover, Emblem Belt, The Buzz Necklace, Heritage Bracelet

The beauty of this trend is in its creative, experimental nature. Everyone’s got a closet full of disparate elements just waiting to be balanced out by their perfect counterpart…and yes, that includes you! Try styling your own Tough Love outfit, and if you like the way it looks, snap a selfie. Then post it to Instagram @cabiclothing.