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the spring sneak peek you’ve been waiting for

November 16, 2017

Winter may just be around the corner, but there’s nothing that gets us more excited for the warm weather to come than a dazzling new Collection. This season, we took a risk and embraced a new sensibility in dressing up for summer. The result? A Collection more vibrant and original than anything that’s come before. From bell sleeves and wrap sandals to knotty halters and ruffles everywhere, we’re embracing a more elegant set of details to great effect. Don’t just take our word for—see for yourself!

With this Collection, we wanted to capture the spirit of a woman whose outlook on life, whose passion and intensity, draws other women in. To be in her presence is to feel elevated to a more enchanting version of oneself; together, she and those around her infuse an everyday existence with all the splendor of a well-crafted drama. What she wears speaks volumes about who she is, and as she dresses for the day, she seeks out pieces that will push her to be the most intriguing version of herself.

Think rich stripes and bright florals; classic American casualwear and inventive workweek alternatives. Everything she wears reflects the inspired way in which she lives her life: a jacket shrugged off, its sleeves cuffed in an air of nonchalance; a bralette matched back to extravagant patterns and bold colors, magic and mystery swirling about her. You might recognize the sense refinement you’ve come to expect, but this time, it’s from a brand new perspective. So brush up on your Spanish and say buenos dias¡ to the most passionate Collection a girl could ever dream of—Spring 2018!