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5 outfits for stress-free thanksgiving travel

November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with friends and family, celebrate what’s good in the world, get cozy, and eat to our heart’s content. Let’s be clear about one thing: we absolutely love this holiday! But the truth is, it can be a bit stressful to get dressed up for. There’s the pressure to look good in front of people you only see once a year, and then there’s the homecoming nerves—everyone wants to feel like their best self when strolling around their old stomping grounds. Thankfully, everything you’ll need for the holiday can be squeezed into a single carry-on and we’ve put it all together—styled for every occasion, in one indispensable guide on how to pack for Thanksgiving!

Walk Down Memory Lane

Catching up with old friends and hometown besties should be cozy and effortless. Reach for leggings and a pullover, but then up the ante with a chic bootie.

Meet The Parents

There’s no better time to dress to impress than dinner with your in-laws! Strike a balance between the effortless chill of a legging and the chic urban charm of the Tuxedo Blouse.

Daytime Fete

We should probably call this “daytime feast,” since eating is the main event! Wear a flowy, feminine dress and gorge on all that holiday goodness.

Shop ’til You Drop

Let’s not forget that Black Friday can be just as glorious and maddening as the rest of the holiday. Get dressed for chaos with leggings, a flowy dress, and flats—definitely skip the heels!

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Home Stretch

You’re stuffed, exhausted, and ready to get back to reality. Rock leggings, a cozy pullover, and easygoing sneakers for the return flight home.

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Extending your holiday a little longer? What are some other essentials you’d bring along, how would you style them, and how would you fill that extra time? Let us know in the comments below!