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how to know your personal style

March 29, 2018

Personal style has always been at the core of what we do here at cabi: helping women discover and refine their fashion sense and craft a look that’s totally unique. As different as we all are, we often come to find that our favorite looks bear allegiance to certain personal styles. The pieces we’re drawn to are the ones we draw inspiration from, and we like to think of these styles as simply the perfect point of departure—a way for each and every one of us to center our wardrobes around what suits us best, and then create a look that’s wholly unique. To get you started we’ve outlined five different styles, one of which we guarantee will strike a chord!

Let us know which ensemble you’re drawn to, what pieces you can’t wait to buy, and what looks you’ve assembled from past seasons that fit into one of these styles! Extra credit: come up with a sixth style and list out some must-haves. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.