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how to dress it up with kat & becky

April 2, 2019

You’re headed to a cocktail party in a couple hours and there you are standing in front of your mirror. You have a cute outfit on, but something just isn’t quite right. How can you make it just a little bit dressier? We turned to our two favorite fashionistas, Chief Design Officer Kat Woodside and Fashion Director Becky Jantzen. Before you find yourself rummaging through your closet, blouses flying through the air one after another, check out this helpful video, read their insightful tips below, and discover how you, too, can make any outfit dressy!

When Kat thinks fancy, she thinks lace. Adding a lace piece to an outfit can help dial it up. Her distressed denim will always have a place in her heart—even for a fancier event, so she dresses them up with a lace top to take her look to another level. She’ll often go for a bold red lip for an extra boost. Turn a simple look into a flashy one with statement earrings (you can even try matching them to a necklace!).
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In case you haven’t caught on yet, cabi ladies are all about accessories, and Becky’s no exception. She likes to cluster brooches and often goes for the “blingy” ones (who doesn’t love a little glitz?). Brooches provide a unique statement accent that women often forget are at their disposal. Even a simple, clean lined jacket can be easily dressed up with brooches. Heels, as we all know, are an easy go-to to take an outfit from casual to dressy. Try playing with your makeup as well—a hint of shimmer can go a long way. Becky suggests a little shine in either your eyeshadow or your lipstick…but not both. Pro tip: Etsy sells fancy shoe clips that can be added to a bootie, for example—it’s like earrings for your shoes! Need we say more?
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Before you just throw on that simple dress before you head off to that party, take a closer look and imagine it paired with a bold clutch, some funky heels, and chunky earrings. We hope Kat and Becky’s tips have encouraged you to see the dressy potential of your more casual pieces. What’s your favorite cabi piece to dress up? Share your outfit ideas in the comments below, and we’ll all head to that cocktail party in style!