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spring 2020 collection, here we come!

November 21, 2019

Walking on set of the Spring 2020 Campaign and seeing our upcoming Collection styled and ready for its big debut left us with a thought—all the effort we put toward approaching this season had truly paid off. This season, we were inspired by a motivating force that seemed to be pulling us forward, toward something that might once have felt far off, but was now suddenly, tantalizingly within reach. It’s hard to pin down exactly what this thing is, but one might say it’s the power of now. We’re talking about the ways in which everything we aspire to—both big and small—from our hopes and dreams right on down to an eccentric accessory we’re just waiting for the confidence to try on—are worth doing right now. That’s why we’re so excited for our Spring 2020 Collection, which pushes this idea forward in the brightest, boldest, and most iconic way possible.

And when we say bright, we’re talking about yellows as radiant as a ray of sunshine and shades of pink as bubbly and buoyant as a day at the amusement park. By bold, we mean dreamy denim and inspiration taken from the style of the ’60s and ’70s—think wrap skirts and flared jeans paired back to chic, bohemian jackets. And of course—the trend we’re most excited about, and arguably the most iconic, is a sophisticated take on Americana. You’ll see it come to life in reds and blues, stripes of every persuasion, and vintage looks that call back to the best moments in history, fashion, and otherwise. So, take a moment out of your day, and get excited for this Spring 2020 Collection—see every woman’s style vividly brought to life in the sneak peek video below.