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a glimpse at our fall 2020 collection

June 11, 2020

Spring is usually the season when we’re coming out of hibernation, but this year, fall is going to be a little different. It feels like more than a coincidence that our Fall 2020 Collection is designed for a bolder, more unbridled sense of style that simply screams “Hello world!” Like all of you, we’ve spent the last few weeks looking ahead, and as we await for fall, we look ahead to more than just a new season. What better way to celebrate than with a Collection that feels totally matched to the moment.

Get ready to face the world, head on, with an air of elegance, poise, and daring style. The Collection is full of warm yet surprising hues like shades of yellow and orange—umber and butterscotch—that inject a bit of sunshine into your wardrobe. Lean into your creative side with clashing textures and colors styled in unexpected ways. Like all of us, these pieces are ready to break free, make some noise, and flaunt their style with conviction.

In an effort to inject this sense of power into the Collection, the pieces are designed to be bold and playful with a unique color palette featuring deep greens, luxurious shades of gold, strong reds, and classy grayscale hues. From structured, tapered toppers and statement dresses to sophisticated prints and faux fur detailing, there’s something in this Collection for every occasion and every woman. Take this moment to look ahead to the fall season and get excited because, while we can’t say too much, we can say that some irresistible pieces are coming your way.