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new arrivals: the excitement never ends

November 6, 2020

With New Arrivals come new styling ideas. Fashion is always evolving, changing with the times, and learning from trends. Obviously, you’re someone who loves fashion because you’re here reading this post! Us fashion-lovers thrive on the launch of new collections, rushing back to our closets to see how we can best incorporate the new styles into our wardrobes. We love the brainstorming sessions, the trials and errors, and of course, the mini fashion shows in our living rooms after putting together a winning look.

Just when you start to think the season is over, we hit you with a big “but wait…there’s more!” Our New Arrivals Collections are meant to help you maximize the potential of the main Collection, pairing effortlessly back to styles you already own, and reinvigorating your excitement for seasonal style. Now that the second New Arrivals Collection is available to purchase on the website, we’re seeing so many creative styling ideas on social media. That’s why we enlisted the help of some of our Stylists on Instagram to show us how they’re wearing these new pieces. Let’s take a look at their styling ideas, and then try a few out for yourselves!

Confection Cardigan + Study Top

Frontier Jacket + Simple Tee

Gala Jacket + Gala Velvet Jean + Sparkle Belt

Chime Pullover

Featured Items: Chime Pullover, Slim Boyfriend

Caroling Shirt

Fête Dress

We want to hear how you’re wearing the second batch of New Arrivals! Are you mixing and matching them? Are you styling back to previous Collections? Show us your style by posting an outfit on Instagram and tagging us @cabiclothing.