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you’re invited to a trip down cabi lane

April 27, 2022

Consider yourself invited on a journey…or rather, a great adventure with us. Cabi’s great adventure has reached a momentous milestone—20 years of bringing goodness to women. Twenty years ago, we wondered what it would look like to share fashion directly with shoppers in a context of friendship and connection, and we wondered what kind of business could be created to give women ultimate control over their schedule and income. In the aftershock of 9/11, 12 women wondered if a business built to fulfill these two objectives could also bring light amidst such a dark time. It was a radical thought, but one they believed might actually change lives. Twenty years later, we can all see it did.

Cabi’s executive team, Founders, and Home Office Team join me in inviting you to celebrate cabi’s 20th Anniversary with us! With so much rich history to explore and stories to share, we’ve created a digital home to help commemorate this epic human story filled with vision, risk, grit, fear, and love. It’s also filled with wonder…which you’ve both experienced and helped us create. We hope you’ll spend some time with us on our 20th Anniversary microsite and share your own perspective of the wonder of cabi.

What was the moment when you first fell in love with cabi? Was it when your girlfriend (and everyone who saw you) complimented the cute top you were wearing, or was it that morning you debriefed with your sister about the fun night of laughing and shopping you’d just experienced? Your cabi story is inextricably linked to ours.

As you explore, we hope you’ll get a taste of the one thing that’s led the way on this 20-year journey…our relationship-centric values. Our relationship with YOU is what matters the most to us, and we’re celebrating you with some amazing, wonder-filled giveaways! We’ve got 20 days of gifts to give to cabi-lovers, which means 20 chances for you to win some fabulous prizes, including a luxurious grand prize!

From all of us at cabi, thank you for being part of our great adventure. You’re the force propelling us into the next 20 years. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll join in our story by sharing your favorite cabi memory! We love hearing about the wonder cabi brings to so many women. Here’s to 20 more years of goodness, inspired by our first!

We invite you to join in on the celebration and enter to win one of our fabulous giveaways!

Katie Malone
President & Chief Marketing Officer