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exploring the benefits of working with a personal fashion Stylist

March 22, 2023

Life can be overwhelming. Your to-do list is endless, your phone constantly pings with important notifications, and the last thing you want when you’re already pressed to the max is to fight parking and bad fluorescent lighting at the mall. So how can modern women get it all done and look fabulous? An easy way to conquer your fashion goals while leaving time, money, and energy to spare is by using a personal fashion Stylist.

Clothes can change lives, and now is a great time to start making changes toward feeling better about yourself. Some weekends you might push a packed shopping cart through the grocery store instead of prancing down an haute fashion runway in Milan. However, you can still feel fantastic in your clothes when you work with a professional Stylist to create your own personal style.

Regardless of your day-to-day life, you can still be on trend and fashion-forward in beautifully curated outfits while rocking a messy bun, comfortable shoes, and a T-shirt. A functioning closet full of handpicked, styled, mix-and-match clothes for every occasion will help you feel poised and beautiful. Relying on the professional knowledge of fashion Stylists, you can have a confidence-boosting wardrobe full of easy choices.

what is a personal Stylist?

At cabi, you can have your own Stylist who gets to know you and recommends pieces that truly fit your body and lifestyle. A fashion Stylist is a professional who curates different pieces of clothing into complete outfits that accentuate your shape and preferred color while making you feel amazing in your unique style. For example, do you lean toward a timeless look with hints of vintage fashion, or are you more of a contemporary visionary whose style preferences lean toward color blocking and sleek details?

Fashion Stylists learn about your personal style preferences and who you are and help transform them into a style story. Working with patterns, colors, and how the pieces fit on the body, a fashion Stylist turns her passion into a truly remarkable, unique, personalized wardrobe.

eight benefits of working with a personal fashion Stylist

What if you got to feel like your true self inside and out? At cabi, your personal Stylist will work with you to get to know your personality and lifestyle. Then, they can help you develop a wardrobe that will easily transition from flawless style at work with tailored trousers and a statement jacket to a casual dinner at your favorite restaurant with the perfect jeans that shape and lift in all the right places.

Personal fashion Stylists are here to help you! Whether you’re spending one-on-one time with a Stylist, using online personal Stylists, or shopping with girlfriends, there are so many great benefits to working with a personal Stylist to develop your own personal style.

create more time for yourself

Your time is valuable, and the last thing you need to do daily is stand in front of a closet, wondering why you have nothing to wear. Instead, reclaim your time with a fully optimized closet with cute clothes tailored to your personal style. Fall in love with the clothing pieces you want to wear, and learn how to pair them together to create a large variety of different styles. Rather than spend your time searching and trying on outfit after outfit, trust your time with a fashion Stylist, and let them help you construct an exciting wardrobe.

utilize the perks of professional shopping services

Just as you trust a mechanic to work on your car or a hairstylist to give you the perfect haircut, you can trust a professional with your personal style. Fashion Stylists are experts when it comes to the multiple colors that suit your skin tone and the styles that flatter your body, regardless of your age or body shape. Women deserve to feel beautiful every day. Professional Stylists can help you create a complete wardrobe full of easy-to-wear mix-and-match pieces to flatter different body types. Remember the icing on the cake! Professional Stylists can also help you pick out jewelry, shoes, and accessories to develop the ultimate level of chicness.

focus on your personal style

Shopper burnout is real. After sifting through a pile of clothes and digging through racks, it’s hard to know which ones are the best to keep and which ones you should put back. From the start, a professional Stylist will help you identify the best choices for your look and body type while still keeping you on target. Their eyes are trained to find the best pieces for your unique personal style while eliminating those that won’t make you shine.

keep up with fashion trends

A Stylist can help you stay up to date on current trends and help you know how to incorporate trendy pieces into your already established wardrobe. Together you and your personal Stylist can choose modern pieces and accessories that keep your look up to the minute while still showing off your own style. From pairing an over-the-top trend with a sophisticated work look to helping you identify the best way to embrace popular fashion trends without breaking the bank, personal Stylists are up to date and ready to help you fully embrace current fashion.

increase personal confidence

You deserve to shine. No more hiding behind clothes that make you feel frustrated or lost; it’s time to step into your uniqueness. Your wardrobe should give the world a glimpse of who you are while giving you the confidence you need to succeed. Developing a relationship with a personal fashion Stylist can help you identify the clothes that make you feel ready to conquer each and every day. Once you’re prepared to put your best foot forward style-wise, you’ll feel more confident and secure in your skin.

developing your own signature style

Tired of blending in? You were born to stand out. You may want a subdued signature style full of neutrals, accentuated by crisp lines and sleek silhouettes, or you want to become someone your friends think of when they see perfectly matched patterns. Stylists can help you define that look while identifying key pieces as their foundation. As you build a relationship with your Stylist, they’ll be able to pull beautiful new pieces and breathtaking jewelry with your signature styles in mind.

gain a positive self-image

Believing in yourself and having a positive self-image is the first step to living an authentic and happy life. You truly can only have confidence once you see yourself as the outstanding individual you are! Building a relationship with a personal Stylist can help you see the best parts of yourself while also helping you feel beautiful on the inside and outside. Step-by-step, fashion Stylists help you see yourself as an outstanding, self-assured woman with clothes that make you feel confident. Together, you and your Stylist can redefine who you are, establish your style profile, and plan what look you want to show the world.

look your best in any situation

Life wouldn’t be life without the occasional lemon or curveballs. No matter what, when working with a fashion Stylist, you know that you’ll look amazing and feel ready to take on whatever comes your way. Whether you’re snagging last-minute concert tickets from a friend after a long day at work or need dressy looks for an upcoming trip, working with a personal Stylist assures that your closet will be stocked and ready with important key pieces. Personal Stylists are trained to accentuate the best features of all body types, instantly boosting your self-esteem. You won’t have to worry about your appearance when you know your wardrobe represents your true self.

how can I find a personal fashion Stylist?

Shopping with a personal Stylist will give you the style you want and the convenience you need. When you trust your fashion to a personal Stylist, you can feel sure of how you present yourself when you step into the office or sign in to a virtual meeting. After hours, you’ll feel confident and prepared in a dressier look for dinner with friends or a fun night out on the town. Building a wardrobe full of options that work together and take you from work looks to a dressy look later that evening will save you time and effort while building your self-confidence. You’ll feel empowered to walk out of your door each morning, knowing you’re ready for whatever the day might bring.

Cabi is here to help you develop your truly unique and wonderful sense of style. Behind each piece of cabi clothing, you have your own Stylist who gets to know you and your individual needs. Empowering women and building community is our passion, and we want to help you feel your best. So whether you prefer shopping with girlfriends for new clothes or receiving one-on-one personal styling, our Styling Services are always free and designed to meet you where you are.

in-person or online personal Stylist services

If you’re ready to get started, all you need to do is choose the personal styling service that best suits your needs. From online personal Stylist services to hosting a fun in-person show, cabi is here to help you look and feel amazing.

sign up for your personal styling service now.

The best thing you can be is yourself. It’s time to step into clothes that project your unique self. Let our Stylists assist you in developing your own personal style.