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workleisure and the rise of office comfort

March 22, 2023

It’s no secret that the pandemic disrupted our office norms. We traded boardrooms for living rooms and dress pants for sweatpants. Classic business casual work wear, like suits and chino pants, went out the window for more relaxed, comfortable at-home attire. Now, as many of us return to the office, a new dress code is emerging. 

Say hello to “workleisure”—the perfect blend of sophisticated work wear and everyday comfort. Workleisure combines your favorite soft, stretchy fabrics with tailored silhouettes to give you a polished yet comfortable look that’s ideal for any occasion.

We love this new trend at cabi. Workleisure is the best of both worlds—comfort and style. Whether you’re headed into the office or meeting up with your girlfriends for drinks, workleisure fits the bill. Today, we’re spotlighting this new trend and showing you how to transform your not-so-chic work-from-home wardrobe into a style that’ll make you feel comfortable and confident all day long.

cabi Clothing | Workleisure

You’re probably wondering, “What exactly is workleisure?” To better understand this new hybrid work style, let’s start with what workleisure is not. Workleisure is not yoga pants or loungewear. It’s also not silk button-downs or tailored suits. It’s somewhere in between.

Workleisure is business casual and everyday comfort. It’s all about comfort, versatility, and style. When we think of workleisure, we think of knit dresses, elastic waistbands, laid-back layers, stretchy jeans, and breathable fabrics. Workleisure effortlessly combines comfortable fabrics with polished hems to create the perfect all-day outfit.

workleisure vs. athleisure vs. business casual

Workleisure is often confused with another popular style trend, athleisure. Before you start styling your next office-ready outfit, let’s look at the differences between three similar style categories: workleisure, athleisure, and business casual.

Workleisure: Business comfort; simple everyday pieces styled for work
What to Wear: high-end leggings, modern tops, knit dresses or blazers, and stretchy jeans or trousers

Athleisure: Athletic clothing designed for everyday wear
What to Wear: yoga pants, tracksuits, exercise dresses, and cropped sports tops

Business casual: Traditional business wear with a casual vibe
What to Wear: button-up blouses, dress pants, pencil skirts, sharp-shouldered blazers

cabi Clothing | Workleisure

There are so many benefits to choosing workleisure pieces over traditional business attire. First, let’s talk about comfort. Who didn’t love taking their Zoom meetings in sweatpants? Workleisure gives you that same cozy feel as sweatpants but presented in a more work-appropriate way. Next up, versatility. Get more bang for your buck with clothes in your wardrobe that are fit for the office, a midday yoga class, or happy hour with friends. And last but not least, professionalism. Head back to the office feeling chic and confident with polished workleisure pieces that are fit for a pro.

cabi Clothing | Workleisure

Ready to start building your workleisure wardrobe? Our Stylists have put together a few tips to help you design a comfortable yet versatile closet that will have you ready for whatever the workday brings.

focus on comfort

With workleisure, comfort is queen. Look for work wear made with stretchy, lightweight, low-maintenance fabrics like spandex, micromodel, and polyester. Just be mindful of the size and fit—select pieces with a comfortable yet tailored construction.

balance professionalism with personality

Say goodbye to bland blazers and boxy trousers. When shopping for your next workleisure outfit, experiment with pairing classic wardrobe staples with patterned tops or statement jewelry. Need recommendations that are unique to you? Get matched up with one of our cabi personal Stylists who can help you find pieces that truly fit your body and style.

invest in quality pieces

Nothing is worse than buying a cute seasonal piece only to have it pill or fray after one or two wears. When building your workleisure wardrobe, focus on buying quality pieces you can wear season after season. Invest in work clothes designed to mix and match with different outfits (and occasions) throughout the year.

cabi Clothing | Workleisure


Gone are the days of uncomfortable, rigid blouses. Take your workleisure look to the next level with modern shirts, cozy knit blouses, printed blouses, and feminine takes on classic button-up shirts. Don’t be afraid to layer your favorite classic tee with a blazer or jacket for a comfortable yet elevated look.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to bottoms. Pair any top with stylish wide-leg trousers, woven joggers, or your favorite pair of easy-fitting floral print shorts. Ditch those old starched trousers for elastic waistbands and on-trend bottoms that give you more room and flexibility.


A blazer is the perfect career-ready piece for any workleisure wardrobe. Top your favorite basic top with a ponte knit blazer for a chic, go-anywhere outfit. Pick blazers with stretch fabric and a structured silhouette for a flattering, comfortable feel.


Knit dresses are a great addition to your workleisure wardrobe. Pair your favorite sweater dress with leggings and a statement necklace for a polished yet cozy look. Incorporate classic solids and floral prints for maximum versatility and style.


Accessories add an extra pop to your workleisure outfit. Tie it all together with outfit-completing accessories like a colorful scarf or waist-cinching belt. Just because you’re focusing on comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your unique style.

cabi Clothing | Workleisure

From tailored trousers to comfortable knit tops, we’ve got everything you need to send you back to the office in style! Looking for an easy outfit to outlast a full day of conference calls? Dress up your favorite cabi jeans with a patterned top for an everyday office look that can go the distance. Transform your go-to knit jumpsuit into a pantsuit with a blazer and waist belt. Heading out for drinks after work but don’t have time to dash home first? Make a skirt out of your maxi dress with a modern pullover, and you’ve got an outfit that will last well past your last conference call.

Whether you’re dressing for a board meeting or a weekend work retreat, cabi has the clothes to make you feel comfortable and chic. Shop cabi’s Collection of workleisure and change the way you experience the workday.