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The Art of Discovering Intentionality

January 30, 2014

Women are relational connoisseurs. It is a uniquely feminine quality.   We have saved marriages, kids, communities, and countries.  We have strength of will, yet a willingness to bend for the good of others.  We will fight for justice, yet give undeserved grace as we believe in one’s potential for redemption.  We use our intellect for the job at hand, but in concert with intuition for those involved. We will go at it alone if we have to, but would much rather do it with others.

Women have a unique ability to impact and transform the lives around us.  Why are we such relational beings?   Because  … women are intentional.  With this as the fiber of our being… and with so much at our disposal, shouldn’t we make sure we are being purposeful in more areas of our life?   We would like to challenge you through a series of articles by various women living intentionally, to join more and more women who are living life “On Purpose.” As you come back to our blog throughout this season, we invite you to take part in, and contribute to, this ongoing discussion of being a woman who is discovering the art of intentionality.  I know we will all be the better for it.

To begin our season of rich dialogue, think about the person who inspires you to live “On Purpose.”  Whether a close friend, an author, a public figure, or a family member, we are eager to hear about those who help bring you to higher heights.  We invite you to share why this person inspires you through posting below.

close knitFounder, President, and Chief Culture Officer