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The Grandest Relationship of All

March 14, 2023


A Grand Experience for cabi’s 20th Anniversary Grand Prize Winner

Our 20th Anniversary grand prize winner, cabi client Raeann, joined us in Los Angeles for a cabi supermodel experience. After a day of pampering (hair and makeup done by our photoshoot glam squad and a style session + outfit selection by our Executive Fashion Director, Becky Jantzen), Raeann was the star of a fashion shoot directed by our Vice President of Creative & Events, Daniele Trussardi. Raeann really did get to experience life as a cabi fashion model, and the best part was she got to do it with her Stylist and close friend, Barb, by her side!

We sat down for an interview with Raeann (the client) and Barb (the Stylist) about their relationship and the value of cabi in their lives because after all, we endeavor to affect lives through relationships.


cabi: Raeann, how did you meet Barb?

Raeann: We’ve known a lot of the same people for a really long time, and we didn’t know it! We’re both from small towns in Indiana, and the CEO’s wife of the company I work for introduced me to the cabi Fashion Experience, and that’s how I met Barb—it was like fireworks, we just clicked automatically! We love each other’s witty sense of humor and have a really good time together.

cabi: Fun! Barb, how have you and Raeann continued to build your relationship through the years?

Barb: Well, we certainly just hit it off right away! Now we chat and text weekly, if not more frequently. It’s so fun when this happens…when clients become friends and it becomes about so much more than the clothes.

Raeann: Yeah, just last week I was helping Barb pick out her outfit for a play.

Barb: Yes, the styled became the Stylist!

cabi: Love that! Raeann, tell us about shopping cabi and the ease of putting outfits together using pieces from different seasons.

Raeann: Barb helps tremendously because she’ll say, “If you get this, it goes with what you got last season.”

Barb: One of the most rewarding things is suggesting to my clients that they shop their closets first! Then, we’ll add new pieces, and that just extends the value of the cabi they have.

cabi: That’s great! So if someone who hasn’t heard of cabi asked you about a piece you were wearing, what would you say to them, Raeann?

Raeann: So, that happens frequently! I get a lot of compliments on my clothes, and I just explain it as super comfortable fabric—the fabric always feels good to me even after I wash it! And you can style it with the cabi Tap app. Before, I would’ve never known to wear yellow pants and a blue top, but now I know that looks good together from working with my Stylist. I just respond and say, “Yeah, this is cabi, and I never would have put this together, but I learned from working with my Stylist.” And then they want to know everything.

Barb: Probably the most important thing Raeann just said was about the sustainability of cabi. It’s not disposable clothing, and we’re living in a time of a lot of disposable clothing—I’m so happy to be representing a brand clients wear for years.

cabi: Yes, it’s so important! Have you hosted a cabi Fashion Experience, Raeann?

Raeann: I’ve moved away from where I first was introduced to cabi and travel frequently, so I haven’t hosted yet. I miss my friends from my previous town, and that makes cabi even more fun for me because I get to attend the shows virtually and catch up with them. One time, I was traveling in California for work, and as a backseat passenger, I was attending a cabi show with Barb and all my friends! But I’ve got a lot of other friends who want me to host a show now.

Barb: We were just having that exact conversation…that it’s time for her to host and quite honestly, it’s time for her to be a Stylist!

With her inside scoop on the Spring 2023 Collection straight from Becky and Daniele, she can bring her own style advice to her friends at her own Fashion Experience with Barb, and maybe even as a cabi Stylist in the future! We’re so glad they enjoyed the royal, grand prize treatment, but mostly, we’re just grateful to have spent time with these two funny, loving friends.