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SUNday fun day: how to wear yellow

March 1, 2023

If you’ve ever been told you can’t wear yellow or that it’s not a flattering hue, we’re here today to bust that myth once and for all. Yellow is an instant energy booster, a zesty addition to your spring wardrobe that will breathe new life into the beloved pieces in your closet and inspire creative, new styling choices you never dreamt were possible.

When we say yellow, we don’t just mean one shade. This hue spans the spectrum from baby pastels to warmer honey tones and everything in between! You can layer your yellows to create a dimensional, mixed palette, wear it just on top or just on bottom, match it with multicolored patterns…we could keep going. There are so many fun ways to mix and match this color into your closet this season, so whether you’re leaning toward an all-out monochromatic look or feeling a subtle pop of yellow, this post is for you. When life gives you lemons, we say let it inspire your wardrobe!

Try out your best Cher Horowitz impression in this Clueless-inspired look featuring the yellow plaid Coco Set. Balance this print with a white tee, then indulge in bright yellow shoes to tie everything together.

The dotted jacquard print of the Hobnob Topper reads as a baby yellow, perfect for styling back to the Go-To Blouse whose floral pattern features notes of pink. (Opt for pink shoes to match!) Pink and yellow—name a better duo.

This head-to-toe yellow look features the highlighter yellow Kick Back Kick Flare paired with the electric Sunbeam Cami. Temper this peppy, bright ensemble with the soft beige Croquet Pullover as a lightweight layer.

Thanks to its oversized checkered print, the Checkerboard Pullover is the perfect statement sweater for springtime. Style with neutral bottoms, have fun with your accessories, and you’ll bring the sunshine wherever you go.

Miniskirts are all the rage this season, so lean into the trend by styling just the skirt from the Coco Set with the asymmetrical Radiant Tank. If you’re bubbling with excitement to wear yellow this season, then this mixed-shades look is just the pick for you.

Add some extra zest to your wardrobe with the lemon yellow Kick Back Kick Flare styled against the pastel plaid Coco Jacket for added dimension. A white tank works perfectly with this understated yet energetic look. 

When it comes to wearing yellow, it’s all about styling. From highlighter brights to subdued pastels, there are so many fun shades to choose from to give your spring wardrobe the energy boost it craves. Yellow is such an expressive, dynamic, vivacious hue that’s sure to put a pep in your step and a smile on your face, and that’s what personal style is all about.