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Chat with Nicole Feliciano

October 30, 2014

I just love getting to sit down with women who have that spark—that zest for creating something of meaning and the tenacity to go out and do it.  Nicole Feliciano is one of those women who has made hard choices in order to live her life more on purpose and in alignment with what she most deeply values—and through doing so, she is inspiring so many other women to do the same.  Through her wildly popular blog, Mom Trends, she has helped moms all over the world feel less alone, more understood, and connected to the fun of fashion. 

After an incredible career at Ralph Lauren, she made the bold choice to be her own boss in order to have the flexibility she desired as she started her family.  Not only did Nicole set out to create a different option in the working world for herself, but also she endeavored to provide freedom-filled opportunities for other moms encountering the same real-life tensions.  As she shared her story with me, it resonated with me deeply, and I know you will value hearing her perspectives about women and the world of work in this 4-minute video.  (There is also a 10-minute version of greater depth, which I highly recommend!)  

Nicole is clearly relevant to the women she serves.   What exciting female-led companies have you discovered that you feel are particularly relevant to women today?