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A Liberating Career—With a Bigger Purpose

March 5, 2015

Why do so many women adore having their own CAbi business? Is it the total flexibility? The uncapped income opportunity? The lifelong friendships they’ve developed? Could it be the dream of turning a passion for fashion into a career? Yes! It’s all of these things, plus so much more.

Since CAbi’s inception, we have been anchored by our creed of affecting lives through relationships. This has guided how our Consultants serve their Hostesses and customers and how they collaborate with one another. We have become a community of dynamic, smart, entrepreneurial, and uplifting women who are positioned to help each other succeed and reach their fullest potential. Not only has CAbi reinvented the way women shop and work, we have taken our objective of affecting lives to new heights—extending far beyond living rooms across the U.S., our reach is extending across the world.

15 for 30

We are thrilled to have launched the W.E. are CAbi Program, the first-ever one-for-one microlending and mentorship program through which we will provide a small business loan for a woman in the developing world to build a business in the name of each new woman who begins her CAbi business. There has never been a more meaningful time for women to join CAbi and immediately impact the lives of under-resourced women.

By 2020, as more women join the CAbi movement, CAbi will have created and supported approximately 8,200 jobs in the developing world, and will have provided 35,000 adults and children with a better life because each loan also impacts the recipients’ families and enables them to employ others. W.E. Are CAbi is based on the same beliefs that have contributed to the success of CAbi – when women have the tools, training, mentorship, and support of peers, they can succeed in building their own business.

Join us in our efforts to help women around the world envision bigger opportunities for themselves. You’ll find a bigger opportunity for yourself in the process—one filled with fun, growth, and an opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself. Find more information here about how you can be part of the CAbi movement.