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What Does a Career in Fashion Look Like?

October 22, 2015

Have you ever wondered what your dream job would look like? Would it be a career in fashion? Mother-daughter cabi Stylist team Victoria and Monica Smith both decided to dream big and have been reveling in their cabi careers.

Initially, Victoria began looking for a job that would be flexible, allow her to travel a bit, make a great income, and be centered on fashion. It seemed like a tall order to fill, but then a friend told her about cabi. “It was like a glove—the perfect fit,” said Victoria.

It was perfect timing, as the cost of impending college tuition for her two daughters was a real concern. It also provided stability through some unexpected troubled times for Victoria. “Cabi saved our family financially when my husband had medical issues and couldn’t work,” said Victoria. His real estate business was hit hard when the economy took a turn, but they were still able to support both of their daughters through college. “I was so grateful I had built a cabi business and had a vehicle to increase my income when I needed to.”

Meanwhile, Monica had seen cabi’s solid business model through her mom’s thriving business. Monica moved to Austin, Texas and decided to pursue the entrepreneurial path through cabi, just like her mom. Initially she did it alongside another job until she got off the ground, but before long she had built a cabi business that enabled her to quit her second job. “Being my own boss is a dream realized. And this business can grow with me through all chapters of my life,” Monica said.

“This is one of the best opportunities for women on the planet,” said Victoria, celebrating her 10-year cabi anniversary. “I have grown so much, and I love now watching Monica grow, both as a woman and a business owner. We’re living the lives we always dreamed of— alongside each other.”

If you are looking for the same type of career fulfilment that Victoria and Monica have found, then consider a career as a cabi Stylist. You’ll be your own boss, learn what it means to work hard, but with flexibility that allows you to attend to all the important things in life, and you’ll be supported by a community of women who are empowering and inspiring. Click to learn if a career without compromise could be right for you.