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five graduation outfits that are top of their class

May 2, 2017

They say it’s the best four years of one’s life, and whether or not that’s true, school is certainly a meaningful and profound experience for those who take on the challenge. So when it all comes to an end, it’s important to celebrate with spirit, gusto, and heck—even a little style!  The key to having a great graduation day is being dressed for the occasion, which means taking into account the weather, the campus vibe, and whatever plans you have for after the ceremony. Whether you’re walking or simply attending, we’ve put together five unique outfits perfect for whatever the big day has in store.

cabi Clothing | Graduation Outfit Ideas

New Stevie Top, Twirl Skirt, St. Tropez Necklace, Lock & Key Bracelet,  Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, Steve Madden Strappy Sandal, Sunscreen

cabi Clothing | Graduation Outfit Ideas

Carousel Tank, Dame Skirt, Athena Sandal, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, SWELL Water Bottle

cabi Clothing | Graduation Outfit Ideas

New Plaza Top, The Hutton, Riviera Necklace, Steve Madden Strappy Sandal, Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick

cabi Clothing | Graduation Outfit Ideas

Grand Slam Blazer, Knot Cami, Easy Crop, Rope Heel Wedge, Sea Knot Necklace, Jackie O Sunglasses

Typically, these graduation celebrations turn into weekend-long fetes, so we want to know: what else are you packing for this big trip? Share some outfit ideas with us in the comments below!