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3 types of shoes every woman should own

May 4, 2017

In a perfect world, we’d have a shoe closet. That’s right: an entire closet devoted to nothing but shoes. OK, maybe we’d put a little bench in there, and of course plenty of mirrors, but other than that, it would just be filled with shoes floor to ceiling. For most of us, we’re working with one walk-in closet, and it’s probably packed full of the clutter that comes to define a busy life: forgotten toys, old photo albums, your husband’s golf clubs. The good news is there’s three shoes you can match back to literally any outfit: a pump, a loafer, and a ballet flat. That’s right. See our favorites below for all the shoe inspiration you need!

Of course you’ll need more than three pairs of kicks, and we’d never ask you to give away the rest of your shoe collection (that would be downright cruel!). If you’ve got a shoe you’re reaching for again and again, and it’s not one of these three, we want to know what type it is, why you love it, and what you’re rocking it with!