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dress for your bestie's wedding

June 15, 2017

What to wear to a wedding is a complicated issue on its own. Add in the complication of it being your best friend’s wedding, and choosing the right outfit can feel downright impossible! You’ll probably be giving a big speech during dinner, and will be featured in a ton of wedding photos, so there’s a lot of pressure to look good. But, of course, this is her big day, so you don’t want to steal the show. This can feel like a tightrope walk, but luckily we’ve called in a couple experts to help curate the perfect outfit, no matter the venue!

cabi Clothing | What to Wear to a Wedding

Outdoor Garden: Castaway Dress, St. Tropez Necklace, St. Tropez Earrings, Kooba clutch, Steve Madden Wedges

The key here is blending in while standing out. Try rocking the perfect watercolor floral print of the Castaway Dress for a verdant, outdoor venue.

cabi Clothing | What to Wear to a Wedding

Evening Gala: Cha Cha MaxiRope Duo Necklace, Lock & Key Bracelet, Zara bag, Heels

Make a statement by not overdressing. Sure, it’s a formal affair, but a gown could risk upstaging your bestie. Try a maxi with a stunning pair of heels instead.

cabi Clothing | What to Wear to a Wedding

Waterfront Soirée: The Skipper, Cold Shoulder Cami, Anchor Necklace, Michael Kors Gold Chain Belt, DVF clutch

Surprise them with an unconventional choice and rock the wide legs of The Skipper—a dressy pant is the perfect way to ensure the bride isn’t upstaged while still looking super cute yourself!

cabi Clothing | What to Wear to a Wedding

Classic Ceremony: Knot Dress, Lock & Key Bracelet, Seahorse Cuff, Pearls, Zara bag, Merona Heels

For classic wedding venues such as a chapel, pick something bright and airy like the Knot Dress to match the vibrant spirit of the day.

cabi Clothing | What to Wear to a Wedding

Country Club Chic:  Mosaic Tank, Top-Notch TrouserSeahorse Cuff, Chanel Gold Chain Belt, Pearls, Schutz Heels, Rodo Clutch

Jazz up a tank and trousers with accessories like a gold chain belt and pearl jewelry for a classic country club affair.

Weddings are the perfect excuse to dress up and show off your personal style.  Attending a wedding soon? Let us know in the comments below the type of venue and what you’ll be wearing! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram too with @cabiclothing!