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powerfully, fearlessly fall

July 25, 2017

A certain catchphrase began to emerge around the cabi Home Office that we simply couldn’t shake: fearless. It was the single-word compliment we’d dole out whenever we found a look from the new Collection simply awe-inspiring. Contrasting patterns that miraculously match, leather mixed with floral, color-blocked booties and a printed trouser, or decadent statement jewelry fit for a queen. When we set out to capture this insouciant spirit, there was really only one place that embodied fashion-forward thinking more than any other city of its kind: London. Throughout history, the icons, the changemakers, have always gravitated to this place that welcomed their desire to express themselves, discover themselves, make their mark on the world.

Each ensemble in our Fall 2017 Collection draws from iconic fashion trends through the decades. Timeless pieces with a new vision allow for a chance for reinvention. From cropped red jackets paired with leopard printed skirts, to tartan trench coats over printed dresses. From the beautiful clash of a delicate floral blouse beneath a golden mustard jacket, to the rugged romance of a geo-patterned top paired back to a layered leather miniskirt. Fearless opportunities abound.

cabi Clothing | Inspiration Behind Fall 2017

Heart aflutter with anticipation for Fall? Contact your cabi Stylist to learn about hosting a Fashion Experience or purchasing items from our Fall Collection. Need a Stylist? Click here to let us connect you with one. For more Fall inspiration and tips on how to put together powerful London-style ensembles, see our Style & Ideas page.


Left: Hanson Anorak, Deidre Scarf, Crop Tee, High Straight

Center: In the Band Jacket, Cheers Blouse, Standout Skirt, Flapper Earrings

Right: Sunday Topper, Whimsy Blouse, Slim Boyfriend, Flapper Earrings