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a very special mother’s day thank you

May 10, 2018

Dear Mom,

You taught us how to be graceful and brave, to smile in the face of hard times, and conquer adversity with composure. You also taught us how to dress and own the room with a unique style that’s all our own. From those earliest days we spent clunking around in your oversized heels, through our teenage years when we rejected your mom jeans and sense of reservation, secretly jealous of your inimitable style, to college and beyond when we insisted on those vintage pieces that adorned your closet. You showed us how to match and how to accessorize. You taught us the rules and how to break them. How to walk in heels, how to make flats feel just as elegant, how to pull off effortless and when to put in the kind of effort that rewards us with the confidence that can carry us through the days, the weeks, the months, and the years. There’s no way to ever thank you enough, and certainly one day of celebration doesn’t cut it, but who can blame us for trying. We put together a little video thanking you for all the fashion lessons you taught us over the years. Without your guidance, who’s to say if this wild and spectacular career would have ever materialized? Happy Mother’s Day—we owe it all to you.


With gratitude,

The cabi Design Team

If watching this video made your eyes well up thinking about how much your own mother would appreciate such a gesture, we’ve got some great news for you—it’s not too late! Join this fabulous exercise in gratitude by sharing a pic of your mom and if she’s in cabi, even better! In the caption tell us the fashion lessons she taught you and hashtag #cabimomgoals. We can’t wait to see how you celebrate!