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knot an issue! 7 adorable scarf-tying ideas to try

May 15, 2018

We’ll admit it—we’re in a serious, long-term relationship with scarves. In terms of bang for your buck, there’s simply no other piece that will work as hard for your wardrobe. Our Spring 2018 Collection features two fabulous examples—the Gingham Scarf and the Gallop Scarf—and you can’t go wrong with either. That being said, it requires a bit of ingenuity to leverage all their inherent strengths, and knowing not just when, but how, to tie it is the surest way to get the most out of your scarf collection. That’s why we put together this handy little primer on scarf tying, guaranteed to make all your girlfriends say, “Show me how you did that!”

cabi Clothing | Scarf Tying
cabi Clothing | Scarf Tying

Perhaps you’ve spent some time in Paris, picking up tips from those inimitable French women who seem to have scarf tying in their DNA. Or maybe you’ve spent countless hours experimenting in front of a mirror, creating your very own variations on classic twists. If you know a knot that we haven’t covered in our video, now’s your chance to share it! Detail the steps in the comments below—bonus points if you film your own short clip and post it on Instagram. @cabiclothing #absolutelyknot