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say “I do” to these wedding outfits!

June 5, 2018

Unless you’re in the bridal party, getting dressed for a wedding can be an exciting way to express your own personal style. It’s a huge, meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime event, so everyone wants to look their best (while not upstaging the bride). Do you know what we love about our Spring 2018 Collection? It’s full of dresses that play beautifully for any wedding—casual, formal, indoors, or out. Take a look at these outfits below and note some style tips from the brilliant Becky Jantzen guaranteed to help you be the second most talked about fashion icon at the wedding!

Featured Items: Shirt Dress, Starfish Medallion Necklace, Tide Pool Bracelet, Florabella Clutch, Carina Espadrilles

Style Tip: Think about your location when shoe shopping. If you’ll be on grass, definitely look for a block heel to avoid any missteps. 

Featured Items: Fiesta Dress, Drop Sparrow Necklace, Braided Belt, Madewell Crossbody Bag, BP Block Heel

Featured Items: Isabel Dress, Lookout Earrings, Tiptoe Sandal, Tommy Bahama Bag

Style Tip: “Don’t worry if you are a little overdressed—it’s always better than being underdressed, especially for a wedding.”

Featured Items: Bow Halter Maxi, Jimmy Choo Clutch, Nina Sandals

Style Tip: “Carry a little catch-all cardi—something cute and versatile—to keep in the car in case the temperature drops and you’re stuck outside for a long ceremony!”

Featured Items: Maya Dress, Trumpet Cardi, Charm Belt, Starfish Medallion Necklace, Lookout Earrings, Tiptoe Sandal

One thing we love about weddings are all the spectacular pictures. If you’ve been to a wedding recently and feel like you nailed the outfit, share some inspiration with us in the comments below or on Instagram! Have some ideas for different accessories that might work with one of the dresses styled above? Leave your thoughts on how to change up the look for a different venue.